Susan Moran

Name: Susan Moran


Susan Moran, President of Apogee Life Institute and co-founder of Power Pilates, brings a varied background of professional dance, massage therapy and Pilates training to her work. During her ten years with Doug Elkins Dancers, she won the coveted Bessie Award. Susan's intense involvement in the dance community allows her to bring a knowledge and understanding of stress-related injuries to Power Pilates, which enables her to devise the proper Pilates therapy for their treatment. She has been the Director and co-owner of Power Pilates since 1995, overseeing the development of the Power Pilates Teacher Training Education. Since taking on the role of President of Apogee Life Institute, she has developed other education programs for the fitness communty, in studio as as well as online programing.

Susan has taught internationally, setting up Pilates programs at some of the finest spas and studios around the world. She brings to her Pilates work clarity and understanding of how to teach, which is unprecedented in the fitness world. She received her Pilates certification in 1988 from Romana Kryzanowska.

Inspirational Quote

"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states"- Carol Welch

Fun Fact

Believes that creativity is intelligence having fun!




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