Jessica Murrer

Name: Jessica Murrer


I have always had a strong passion for fitness and wellness. As a member of championship track and field hockey teams in high school and college, I learned the importance of specialized training for different sports. Today my workout routines capture many of the elements of my earlier training and I carry over a disciplined attitude to help me achieve that "next fitness level." I have also used my anthropology studies in college to visit and explore other cultures including Thai Buddhism to gain a deeper appreciation of Eastern fitness and wellness activities such as yoga. I love running. However, I also participate in yoga, pilates, kettle bell classes, and cycling to keep my workout fun and interesting. I have also studied Sports Nutrition to develop a holistic approach to fitness and wellness.

Inspirational Quote

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fun Fact

Two personal accomplishments include going skydiving in Sydney, Australia and bungee jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand.


I have worked for three summers at one of the leading centers for athletic training and physical therapy in the New York City metropolitan area called Achieve Physical Therapy & Performance Enhancement. Our clients ranged from elite youth athletes preparing for competitions to middle aged executives concerned about maintaining fitness, flexibility and wellness. In all cases, I learned how crucial it is to take care of your body not only during intense workouts, but also warming up and cooling down. Many of the rehabilitation clients injuries were the result of improper techniques or overtraining and our group not only restored the athletes to a competitive condition but also taught them how to avoid injuries in the future.

Not only have I participated in sports, but I also love to watch sports including college and professional football. I am currently interning at the Super Bowl Host Committee that will help prepare for the 2014 Super bowl that will take place at the New Jersey Meadowlands. Examining the amount of effort that is being put into the biggest football event of the year, whether it is marketing, financial sponsorships, or coordinating events, I am very excited to be on the committee and help prepare for the event!



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