Christopher Cosentino

Name: Christopher Cosentino


Christopher Cosentino holds a degree in Athletic Training, which is a division of sports medicine and provides him with the knowledge to care, prevent, and, rehabilitate orthopedic injuries. He has been a certified fitness professional for almost ten years, and has been studying various martial arts for 15 years.

Christopher has had experience providing care for High school, NCAA division 1-3, and professional athletes. He has aided them in rapid return to competition from non surgical and/or post surgical injuries. If he is not rehabilitating athletes back to health, he is putting them through intense training programs to prepare them for the demands of their sports/activities. His knowledge of anatomy and physiology and exercise science provides him with the insight to create a more effective program design.

Christopher's passion for Health, Fitness, and Martial Arts helped inspire him to create Hybrid Fitness. A system such as this can best be defined as Training Evolved. It integrates the use of the bodies multiple energy systems and an assortment of training methods provided conveniently for personal use at (coming soon). Hybrid's goal is to create, customize and work upon health, wellness and sports specific conditioning to amplify the best results on an individual basis.

Inspirational Quote

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence." - Vince Lombardi

Fun Fact

I have studied martial arts since I was a kid, and will continue to keep those values with me into adulthood.


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