Yoga Pole Studio
By Carolyn Chiu
Brooklyn, NY
Take Your Yoga To New Heights
Carolyn a master of Yoga Pole, will bring your yoga skills to new heights. In 2011 she conceived Yoga Pole, a one of a kind, fitness regimen, and lifestyle. After teaching workshops all over the country. Carolyn embarked on a new challenge, and opened her own studio. Through her innovative teaching techniques, she combines the art of Chinese pole, yoga, and gymnastics coaching methods, to coexist as one, known as Yoga Pole. Carolyn is a dedicated mentor, performer, and artist. She will help you achieve your fitness goals, in an earthy tranquil setting. Be prepared to loose the ego from within, to feel the asana, and transform your yoga skills to a new level.
Hong Kong Pole Fitness Champion 2010, American Pole Fitness Champion Finalist 2011


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  • at 11:10 pm on 1.30.14
    <3 Carolyn Chiu
  • at 11:10 pm on 1.30.14
  • at 7:09 pm on 1.30.14
    Carolyn is an amazing instructor. She is always pushing the envelope on new and exciting workouts such as yoga pole. She has the ability to break down complicated moves to their basic components allowing anyone to learn. She is also a big proponent in making sure you are doing a move safely and correctly so as not to injure yourself. Besides being an amazing athlete she is also a very fun person whose enjoyment of teaching shines through to all her students. Two thumbs up for Carolyn. :)
  • at 1:40 pm on 1.29.14
    Yoga pole is an invigorating class that can help anyone get to the next level: whether you're looking to do your first headstand, achieve deeper backbends, or stay on the pole without sliding. When I first went to Carolyn's studio, I had reservations about feeling comfortable in a pole-based class, but I quickly learned it's one of the most beneficial practices for anyone. And you don't even have to wear short shorts if you don't want to! Although I'm an aerialist, this class challenges both my strength and flexibility in different ways than my usual training. It's also been very helpful for my chronic back pain. Plus, Yoga Pole Studio is a place that encourages play and exploration. I can't recommend Yoga Pole & Carolyn Chiu enough!
  • at 10:23 pm on 1.28.14
    This was my first time taking any type of yoga classes when I started taking Carolyn's classes. She really paids attention to you and tries to really challenge you.I am now able to do more advance positions(after only a month) and I really feel back in shape.
  • at 4:15 pm on 1.28.14
    I'm a NYC based performer and was feeling I was stuck in a rut with my creativity, fitness goals and emotional well being. A friend and fellow performer told me about Yoga Pole Studio. Never have I ever taken a class that not only focused on you as an indivdual and challenged you at the same time. In a matter of months I noticed major changes in my strength, flexibility and over all muscle tone. I look forward to coming to class 2-3 times a week and always wish I could go everyday. It is a positive, nurturing enviornment . Carolyn Chiu has managed to create an enviornment where students can over come their fears and reach own personal fitness goals while creating new goals for themselves. I have been taking this class for 4 months I am leaner and stronger. I can honestly say I'm in the best shape of my life.
  • at 3:16 am on 1.26.14
    I was over weight and I could never get into a headstand until I tried Yoga Pole. This is the only effective fitness method for beginners with excess weight issues because you drill the basics of downward dog, standing poses, plank push up holds, lotus, child's pose, and wheel, many other yoga poses. In this video above, the first 1.5 minutes she demonstrates for beginners, then the rest of the video she demonstrates how far you can take your yoga practice. She helps you reach your yoga goals (ex: headstand) in a realistic manner. I am one of those students who like the idea of being physically and mental challenged because I get bored of the gym equipment. Yoga pole works for me. Now I can do a headstand!
  • Gustavo Bernal at 2:30 am on 1.26.14
    Great flexibility, muscle endurance and strength. She is definitely fit! Go girl!
  • at 3:21 pm on 1.25.14
    Definitely not for beginners though
  • at 10:04 pm on 1.24.14
  • Ajia Maximillian at 3:45 pm on 1.22.14
    Yoga Pole with Carolyn Chiu is fun, innovative, and relaxing. It gives those who may be interested in strength, athletic conditioning, and flexibility the opportunity to experience it all in one class without having to take Yoga and or Pole separately. It gives people who may have been too shy or nervous to try pole the opportunity to do so in a non-intimidating, relaxing, yet informative atmosphere with an instructor who is knowledgeable, patient, fun, and truly cares about the well-being of her clients. Carolyn Chiu is a true asset to both the Pole and Yoga communities and if you have not already, head to her studio in Brooklyn to experience your first class, you will be hooked!
  • at 4:33 pm on 1.19.14
    I love Yoga Pole to the Fullest. Back in April I had a back injury and had to undergo Physical Therapy. In going to PT other issues came up with my knees and joints. My knees would swell up, I had problems going up and down stairs and I was in so much pain. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knees. I'm also a Burlesque performer and it became difficult to perform. After a month of doing Yoga Pole with Carolyn Chiu my knees don't swell up anymore, I have more flexibility and I'm finally attempting to do splits and head stands. I never thought I would ever try a split or head stand. I thank you so much Carolyn for being patient with me and showing me a new fitness technique that's helping me so much and making me feel so good about myself.
  • at 9:42 pm on 1.18.14
    I have been working on my craft of kettlebell lifting for 5 years and in that search for understanding my own body as it exists to become stronger I look for others in other disciplines. There I found carolyn I was amazed at her level of balance and strength. Also from what I've seen and my interaction with her I've found her to be open and honest the kind of person that inspires rather than instructs.
  • at 3:01 am on 1.18.14
  • Lee Baker at 6:20 pm on 1.17.14
    Carolyn is an innovative, knowledgeable and attentive instructor/athlete. Her passion for her fitness comes through in her teaching style. She is a gifted fitness professional.
  • at 9:41 pm on 1.16.14
    I'm loving Carolyn's yoga pole classes! I always leave being able to do something I couldn't when I walked in, and she's really wonderful about making sure her workouts can be tailored to all different skill levels. Her classes are making me feel stronger and more graceful every time I take one.
  • at 6:46 pm on 1.16.14
    I really enjoy Yoga Pole! Carolyn has us do this amazing shoulder warm-up, stretching and serious strength conditioning. Being a guy in pole class may seem strange but in Carolyn’s class there were no instances where I felt out of place or had to gyrate around the pole. It was right to business. This class is also great for couples! My girlfriend was the one who brought me to Yoga Pole!
  • at 5:17 pm on 1.16.14
    absolutely love taking these class, I'm super excited that I found a workout that is fun and make me wanna come back. The space was welcoming, comfortable and very relax. The instructor Carolyn was super nice and very encouraging I taken yoga classes before but non like this it amazing for me to see what my body can do and limits it can be push
  • at 4:41 pm on 1.16.14
    I've taken several yoga pole classes through the years, and I have noticed many benefits from it. After each class, it really feels as I got a work out and was stretched out as well. This is perfect for body conditioning and for all fitness levels. Carolyn is very keen to her students and what they need to get to the next level. She modifies all yoga poses to fit every individuals' level and ability.
  • at 4:14 pm on 1.16.14
    Oh I would like to say more if that's cool. Carolyn is a great teacher. I have witnessed her in person instruct and express ideas. She is inspirational, patient and focused.
  • at 4:11 pm on 1.16.14
    I never thought I would want to take pole classes until I saw Carolyn and loved her style immediately. Her Yoga Pole classes are a very interesting mix of strengthening, balancing and stretching, were the pole is your best ally to make you go deeper in all three. Carolyn is a great teacher, encouraging and patient, able to tailor the same class to different levels. I'm inspired by her grace and strength and thrilled to learn from her.
  • at 4:05 pm on 1.16.14
    Caroyln is sick meaning amazing. She is fierce like an animal. She is committed. Sometimes I think she doesn't breathe.
  • at 5:47 pm on 1.15.14
    Yoga Pole and Carolyn is AMAZING!!!!!
  • at 3:10 pm on 1.14.14
    This has been the perfect workout for me. It is challenging with a lot of active stretching, but I have so much fun I forget that I am working out. My strength and flexibility have increased in the 5 months since I began training. Carolyn has documented me along the way and it is exciting to see the changes in my body. I've achieved my fitness goals and have begun to set new ones. It is a great confidence boost to achieve the more challenging asanas and she always gets me there.
  • at 12:45 am on 1.13.14
    Yoga Pole Studio has changed my life. I first met Carolyn at a workshop of hers in Florida. This is where she first introduced me to her Yoga Pole techniques, I was hooked. From then on, I did not want to stretch on the floor, the floor became boring to me. I loved the beautiful poses and progress pictures, I liked being able to keep track of my progress. Taking a class with Carolyn is the way to go if you want progression in your fitness regime. She will tailor the workout to your body in a class filled with students. I have never experienced this type of treatment in a class setting and I really enjoy it.
  • at 12:36 am on 1.13.14
    I agree with Kevin. This workout is the most original workout regime that I have seen on Fit or Flop. I'm glad to see a new type of workout, that includes yoga, chinese pole and gymnastic coaching methods. I love to stretch, so this class would be a good fit for me, while gaining strength. I look forward to experiencing a class at Yoga Pole Studio.
  • at 5:29 pm on 1.09.14
    I've been training with Carolyn for four months. I love going to class. It's such a unique way to get fit. Carolyn leads us in using the pole to stretch deeply and strengthen the entire body. I'm getting into poses on the pole that I never dreamed I'd be able to do. I leave class feeling strong, flexible, and wonderful.
  • at 12:10 am on 1.08.14
    I am a current student of Carolyn Chiu and at 41 years of age I will say 'Carolyn is an amazing trainor, I have now become more flexible and physically fit, at my current age'. Carolyn always ask what is your goal, she is interested in your eating habits and well being, that takes a lot of personality and time but Carolyn does it.
  • at 9:40 pm on 1.07.14
    The most original, well thought out program I've seen on Fit or Flop. I think this instructor is on to something. I'm intrigued. Hope to see more!
  • at 12:36 am on 1.06.14
    Great teacher. Patient and hard working. Pushes hard and gentle at the same time. Thumbs up !
  • at 10:02 pm on 1.02.14
    I have taken yoga pole lessons with Carolyn not only is she an attentive instructor but she is very detailed in her sequence when teaching. She has taught me how to be aware of my breath during a pose maximizing muscle range and memory. This helped me advance to pole tricks that were challenging for me. Thank you Carolyn. I vote FIT!



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