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By Victor Cabezas
New York, NY
Believe in yourself, train hard and stay active for life!
I have always believed in exercise since I was a kid and started weight training and got into sports early on. After 2 years in the Marine Corps, I became a certified aerobics instructor in August 1987 and never looked back. Lucky to find my passion for fitness and music and use them for all my students over the years. I have been voted best instructor in New York magazine and instructor of the year with the New York Health and Racquet Clubs. I love the connection I make with all my students old and new, and I have some students that have been enjoying my classes for over 20 years. I am a young, fit 46 year old and will continue my life in the industry for as long as possible.
I'm also a drummer and a DJ, Love karaoke!


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  • at 4:29 am on 6.30.14
  • at 4:43 am on 6.29.14
    Go Vic!!
  • at 6:24 pm on 6.26.14
    Truly dedicated to the fitness world!! Go Vic!!
  • at 12:08 pm on 6.26.14
    A fitness experience that is full of fun, power and great results are the standard in Vic's classes.
  • at 2:05 pm on 6.25.14
  • at 1:44 am on 6.24.14
    Fabulous instructor and great commitment.
  • at 3:20 am on 6.23.14
    Vic truly has a passion for fitness!!
  • at 12:33 am on 6.22.14
    Great instructor. Passionate about his craft and students.
  • at 2:47 pm on 6.20.14
    Energetic and fun classes. A fabulous workout.
  • at 4:07 am on 6.20.14
    V classes are so much fun !! and did I say how many calories we burn :) ?
  • at 12:54 am on 6.20.14
    Great motivator, fun instructor, the best!
  • at 8:11 pm on 6.19.14
    I've known Vic for over 25 years, he helped me lose over 60 pounds.
  • at 7:13 pm on 6.19.14
    The best
  • Ima Ivette at 7:04 pm on 6.19.14
    I've known Victor for a long time as a trainer and instructor and taken his classes...he rocks... he is the best!! oh and he plays mean drums too! Go Vic!
  • at 4:30 pm on 6.19.14
    Victor is the best!!
  • at 4:11 pm on 6.19.14
    To all new instructors and trainers, experience, experience and continuing education. You must keep yourself updated through continuing education. Cert doesn't mean anything!!! After 20 years at HRC, he is still at the front line and top 2 at this competition now!! You know why, right?
  • at 10:19 pm on 6.18.14
    Great track record and teacher.
  • at 7:51 pm on 6.17.14
  • at 1:00 pm on 6.14.14
    His kangoo classes are the best - fun, great people and outdoors. Priceless.
  • at 3:51 am on 6.14.14
    The very best!
  • at 4:30 pm on 6.12.14
    He stays the course and helps others to do the same. Fitness junkie.
  • at 1:39 pm on 6.12.14
    Victor's energy is electric! You'll feel like you're at a party instead of the gym!
  • at 1:09 am on 6.12.14
    Love his commitment to his craft.
  • at 3:40 pm on 6.11.14
    Victor is a great teacher and makes all of his classes fun.
  • at 4:59 pm on 6.10.14
    Fabulous trainer. Great passion and work ethic.
  • at 5:15 pm on 6.07.14
    Victor initiates a tremendous energy into his step class. This is contagious and so visible among the participants as they dance both with him and to his alluring music. His step class is my favorite out of 12 classes that I do weekly at the NYHRC.
  • at 2:40 pm on 6.06.14
  • at 1:06 pm on 6.06.14
    Victor's step classes are still fun with amazing energy - even after all these years!
  • at 1:29 am on 6.06.14
  • at 3:37 pm on 6.05.14
    I've been taking fitness classes at the New York Health and Racquet Club led by Victor Cabezas for the past 20 years. I started with his Step Aerobics class, and now also do his Kangoo Jumps class. I am far from the only person who's been this loyal for this long, and there's a very good reason why Victor and his classes are so popular. The classes are challenging, engaging, and they're also a lot of fun. With the great music mixes Victor assembles, and the encouragement for the members to participate and interact, a session with Victor feels more like a party than a fitness class. Behind the carefree exterior, there's a serious and dedicated professional. He's very careful to check that everyone is using good form, and has any equipment we're using set up for maximum safety. I think Victor is probably the best instructor NYHRC has, and he exemplifies all the ideals you're looking for on Fit or Flop.
  • at 1:53 pm on 6.05.14
    Awesome Trainor with an awesome following...and he clearly loves what he does
  • at 8:19 pm on 6.04.14
    Victor's awesome!!! I love his classes. He makes working out fun and light hearted. And I always leave feeling better than I walked in.
  • at 4:09 am on 6.04.14
    V is the most fun instructor I ever met, the most playful and considerate instructor, he makes us feel great in his classes, he loves what he does, during his classes we forget about problems and just enjoy...ah and of course!...we get the best work out ever!...(please consider I am fitness addict, so I know what I am talking about!). We love V!!!
  • at 3:40 am on 6.04.14
  • at 2:41 am on 6.04.14
    Victor is the best instructor I ever had. He makes you feel you are in a middle of a dance floor at Studio 54. So much fun.
  • at 2:35 am on 6.04.14
  • at 1:36 am on 6.04.14
    Victor is an awesome instructor! He's fun and everybody loves his classes, including me.
  • at 1:18 am on 6.04.14
    I need to work out only when it is fun. Running on a treadmill is not fun, and certain workouts are boring and torturous! I wish this was closer to me because I would totally do this! Great idea!
  • at 12:16 am on 6.04.14
    Victor is such a great trainer! His commitment and passion for fitness is inspiring!
  • at 11:42 pm on 6.03.14
    If I lived in New York City I would definitely join Vic's classes. I love his commitment and loved his personality.
  • at 10:45 pm on 6.03.14
    Victor has been helping me stay in shape for 20 years. Thank you Victor! You make it fun!
  • at 10:19 pm on 6.03.14
    Vic, you inspire me, I can't begin to thank you enough for encouraging me to become a better person. Love you for that
  • at 7:12 pm on 6.03.14
    Victor Rocks! Waaaay to Go Vic!!! You sure know how to bring fun to working out!!! Thank you for being so amazing !!!
  • at 6:36 pm on 6.03.14
    Victor's passion is infectious and he transfers this and his expertise to his students. He loves what he does and enjoys every minute of his time with his students.
  • at 5:50 pm on 6.03.14
    Victor has the best classes- they are so much fun and time goes by so fast! Love his energy and personality!
  • at 3:45 pm on 6.03.14
    Victor's energy and enthusiasm is contagious during his classes. You can’t help but to push harder to keep up with him!
  • at 3:38 pm on 6.03.14
    Victor Brings what's Needed: Multiple Levels of Fitness Knowledge, Personality, Motivation, Dedication (for over 20 Years), Inspiration, And Vision (not only for his Brand & his Program, but also for Each Individual that he works with!) He makes his classes Fun, and Worthwhile! He has been through the Hardest Boot Camp there is (United States Marine Corps), and understands how to get people "who thought that they couldn't..." to change their perspective to "knowing that they could" (this, as they realize they are actually doing it, and having fun while they're getting it done). It brings a confidence that can be talked about long after the class! Become "Victorious" with Victor! He will go each step of the way with you! Thumbs Up This Guy! "FIT" - For America's Next Fitness Star! Take a Class with him, and You'll Be A Believer! Discover This Guy; And You'll Be Glad That You Did!
  • at 3:34 pm on 6.03.14
    Victor rocks!!
  • at 3:05 pm on 6.03.14
    Victor is one of the best trainers in the Country, He 100% deserves to be Americas next fitness star
  • at 3:00 pm on 6.03.14
    The most enthusiastic instructor out there!!!
  • at 1:41 pm on 6.03.14
    Victor is a great trainer and person. He shows knowledge and enthusiasm in everything he does. He gets to know people and guides them through their journey. He puts his heart and soul into helping you improve. He is without a doubt the next and best fitness star.
  • at 2:38 pm on 2.25.14
    Victor Cabezas is known all over the East Coast for being a really enthusiastic and motivating instructor. Ive taken a class or two in my day, and although Im not the fittest- he sure knows how to get you moving and grooving and really into it! His love of music from all different genres makes the soundtrack in class one you can really have fun with. I love him to the moon and back! He is the epitome of FIT!! Definitely deserving of the title to be America's Next Fitness Star.
  • at 2:29 pm on 1.15.14
    Victor is the best there is! He started his fitness career out on Long Island and since he's moved to work in NYC it's been hard to find anyone like him. He is a true motivator and entertainer. His classes then and now are packed out with people of all ages, shapes and sizes who want to be inspired to get on the fitness path and with his help you get there. His classes are like a party, you forget that you're working out, it's that much fun. At age 46, he's in better shape than people half his age. For over 20 years he's made fitness his life, he is America's Next Fitness Star!!



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