Freestyle Physiques
By Ugo Harris
New York, NY
I am fitness I am Freestyle Physiques
The Art Of Freestyle Physiques

A lover of life and life loves me right back, proud father of 6, a dreamer, creator a fitness savant if you will because i don't think any amount of schooling can prepare you to assist someone else on their fitness journey. Everyone's body is so different energy levels, body composition, strength distribution and physical capacity.

My name Ugo Harris and I am Freestyle Physiques Personal Training. I do not look at myself as a personal trainer, I look at myself more like a Fitness Tech.

I say Fitness Tech because I look at what i do as the technique to what fitness is.

My style of training is called Plysometric A.R.B.S. - Plyometric Isometric Aerobic Resistance Body Sculpting.

Plyometric using the larger muscles in your body to do explosive cardiac movements that ignite the quick and slow twitch muscle fibers.

Isometric another principal of training I incorporate gives my style the name Plysometric.

Isolating the muscles by contracting the muscle against force or movement.

A.R.B.S is Aerobic Resistance Body Sculpting a combination of pure control of movement through muscle stabilization, you using me as a resistive tool, using your own body weight, Capoeira, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Boxing, Grappling and mixed martial arts movements. Resistance balls, Resistance bands, Medicine balls, balancing boards/rollers pure core work everything is an exercise and everywhere is our gym!

Ugo Harris - Freestyle Physiques
I love sweet potatoe pie it's my kryptonite


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