Punk Rope & Beastanetics
By Tim Haft
New York, NY
“If you can't fly, run; if you can't run, walk; if you can't walk, crawl. But by all means, keep on moving.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Tim Haft is the creator of Punk Rope (, the most popular rope-jumping inspired fitness class in the world, and Beastanetics (, a high-intensity interval-training program. Tim has been offering group and individual fitness coaching since 1998.

Tim has led hundreds of rope jumping workshops across the United States for thousands of athletes, coaches, and educators. Since 2005 he has trained more than 1,000 Punk Rope instructors. In 2012, Tim created the Doubles or Nothing seminar, which he and his partner, Shana, deliver to CrossFit gyms throughout the Northeast.

Tim is a strong proponent of play and a big believer in the power of community and the importance of giving back. He has organized more than 200 free community-based events ranging from fundraisers to classes to clinics to crawls to the annual Punk Rope Games. Tim has worked closely with a variety of non-profit and governmental organizations in an effort to bring fun fitness to children and adults in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Tim is certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise and holds additional certifications as a USA Track & Field Level 1 coach and a Stability Ball Instructor.

Tim’s fitness philosophy centers on functional movement, play, and community. "Find an activity you enjoy, which challenges your body to move as nature intended; find a friend or group of friends to keep you company on your fitness journey. And never give up!"
Tim has been a college wrestling fan since the age of 8. Although he never formally wrestled in high school or college, at the age of 50 he joined the Twin Towers Wrestling Club in New York City and managed a few takedowns against some pretty stiff competition.


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  • at 4:25 pm on 10.01.14
  • at 3:36 pm on 10.01.14
    Tim Haft is a Punk Ropeing Beast! xo.
  • Michelle Clark at 2:43 pm on 10.01.14
  • at 6:05 am on 10.01.14
    so kind you barely notice how zonked you are after a workout, but he'll buy you a beer afterward and turn you on to a band you've never heard of so ultimately it's win win. ish. you're still sore 2 days later. ;)
  • at 2:25 am on 10.01.14
    Tim is not only an amazing trainer, but an amazing human. We LOVE Tim!!!!
  • at 11:23 pm on 9.30.14
    go Tim!
  • at 11:04 pm on 9.30.14
  • at 9:56 pm on 9.30.14
    Tim is the best and is the man when it comes to fit. Go Beast!
  • at 9:44 pm on 9.30.14
    Tim...the rope wizard!!!! Twirl on!
  • at 8:21 pm on 9.30.14
    tim is the man and getting people fit is his world. he lives it. Fit!
  • at 3:36 pm on 9.30.14
    Tim is the best. Hands down.
  • at 2:18 pm on 9.30.14
    Tim Haft is the BEST! Go Tim!
  • at 10:23 pm on 9.29.14
    Tim Haft is the TRUTH! He's very passionate in health and being fit! This guy saves lives! What do you do?!?!!? EXACTLY!
  • at 8:27 pm on 9.29.14
    Super positive and super knowledgeable. Tim is the the one! Fit!
  • Pam Schorr at 4:23 pm on 9.29.14
    Tim You ROCK!
  • at 2:31 pm on 9.29.14
    Tim is the real deal and his classes are awesome! Get great results but enjoy the hard work... FIT FOR SURE!
  • at 2:18 pm on 9.29.14
    Go Tim! :)
  • at 12:55 pm on 9.29.14
    Tim kicks your @#! with a smile :)
  • at 12:54 pm on 9.29.14
    Tim is an awesome guy - so supportive and actually cares about the students coming to his classes. And he makes working out not like working out at all -- super fun!
  • at 1:58 am on 9.29.14
    Tim is the BEST!
  • at 9:06 pm on 9.28.14
    Tim works you hard while having lots of fun. Plus, he is an incredibly caring individual
  • at 5:43 am on 9.27.14
    Tim creates such a positive and supportive environment, Punk Rope is always fun and a great workout!
  • Michelle Clark at 5:06 pm on 9.26.14
    More than a good trainier Tim is a good person..sometimes the reason you want to come to a fitness class is for the energy of the teacher and the supportivness ...and that it Tim..TIM is your winner :)
  • at 3:11 pm on 9.26.14
  • at 3:10 pm on 9.26.14
    Tim's enthusiasm and positive energy is contagious, get this guy his own show!
  • at 1:44 pm on 9.25.14
    Tim Haft'll make ya, JUMP JUMP! Tim is a fitness inspiration and Punk Rope is hands down the most fun I've ever had at the gym (while working HARD)!
  • at 1:10 am on 9.25.14
    Loving Beastanetics. Tim's positive attitude and encouragement really makes you want to go the extra mile.
  • at 10:17 pm on 9.24.14
    I'm so excited!!! Punk Rope and Tim are amazing - best cross-training workout there is .... and it's fun!!! ;)
  • at 2:38 pm on 9.23.14
    Tim is not only fun and fit but he cares deeply about the fitness community he has built. Such an inspiration!
  • at 3:15 am on 9.23.14
    Punk Rope is the most fun you'll ever have in an exercise class (especially with Tim's great energy)!
  • at 12:24 pm on 9.20.14
    Punk Rope - best fitness training - Tim's skipping is poetry with a rope.
  • at 6:43 am on 9.20.14
    Go Tiiiiiiim!!! Punk Rope should win!
  • at 5:54 pm on 9.19.14
    Tim is awesome! Punk Rope is so much fun and a fantastic workout :)
  • Vonna DeArmond at 2:09 am on 9.19.14
    punk rope, beastanetics and Tim Haft are totally awesome. great way to get and stay not just in shape, but in health! love the work he does for our kids too.
  • at 9:33 pm on 9.18.14
    What can I say about Tim that haven't been said before... this guy changed my life. I am now strong-er fit-ter and much much happier. Go Tim!
  • at 6:31 pm on 9.18.14
    Tim is the coolest guy I've ever had the pleasure of knowing! Go Tim!
  • at 6:12 pm on 9.18.14
    Punk Rope is fun which is part of what makes it an awesome way to stay in shape! I always look forward to class.
  • Lawrence Wirth at 6:05 pm on 9.18.14
    Go Tim
  • at 5:22 am on 9.18.14
    Tim is definitely the best!!!!
  • at 12:12 am on 9.18.14
    "Punk Rope changed my life!" -- D. Boon
  • at 10:51 pm on 9.17.14
    Tim is the best and Punk Rope is fit as hell!
  • at 7:25 pm on 9.16.14
    Tim is a fantastic teacher!
  • at 1:09 am on 9.13.14
    I'm so excited about Tim & Punk Rope .... if you haven't tried it, you are seriously missing out ... it's a fun cross-training fitness program that doesn't feel like 'going to the gym' .... fun ... it's fun ... we should all have more fun when getting fit!! Yay Tim!!! ;)
  • at 3:53 am on 4.01.14
    I've never sweated and smiled so much! Go Tim!
  • at 12:15 am on 4.01.14
    i would never have been interested in fitness at all were it not for Tim and Punk Rope. Best instructor, best program! So much fun!
  • at 12:12 am on 4.01.14
  • at 10:27 pm on 3.31.14
    Tim is the ONE!
  • at 7:25 pm on 3.31.14
    Definitely not a flop! Woohoo!!
  • at 3:46 pm on 3.31.14
    My vote is for Tim! GO TIM!
  • at 2:06 pm on 3.30.14
    Fit Fit Fit You are Awesome
  • at 12:03 pm on 3.30.14
    Tim's amazing!
  • at 9:03 am on 3.30.14
    Tim! Tim! Tim!
  • at 4:30 am on 3.30.14
    Go Tim!
  • at 2:38 am on 3.30.14
    Tim is absolutely the best -- Fit!
  • at 2:02 am on 3.29.14
    Go Tim!!
  • at 6:48 pm on 3.28.14
    Tim is my HERO!!! ENOUGH SAID! "FIT" "FIT" "FIT"
  • at 5:54 pm on 3.25.14
    Tim CARES!
  • Jessica Cady-Bartholomew at 2:38 pm on 3.25.14
    Go Tim!
  • at 1:37 pm on 3.25.14
    Go Tim!!
  • at 1:34 am on 3.25.14
    I've known Tim for, dare I say it, over 30 years; and he did crazy, unheard of stuff, like vastly improved his diet, in a time and place when that just didn't happen all that much.
  • at 6:42 pm on 3.24.14
    Tim makes workouts fun and is a community leader! ALL HEART
  • at 4:24 pm on 3.24.14
  • at 3:29 pm on 3.24.14
    Tim is a wicked trainer!!!!
  • at 2:53 pm on 3.24.14
  • at 2:45 pm on 3.24.14
    Tim is the real deal -- AND his classes are so fun. It's like working out without feeling like you're working out.
  • at 2:34 pm on 3.24.14
  • at 2:34 pm on 3.24.14
  • at 5:57 pm on 3.19.14
    Yay Tim-bo! You jumping, whirling, twirling, hopping, skipping, double-under maniac!!!
  • at 10:40 pm on 3.16.14
    Tim is a fantastic instructor. Go Tim go!
  • at 7:29 pm on 3.15.14
    Truly inspirational on all levels! One of the most sincere people I know, FOR REAL!!!
  • at 7:01 am on 3.13.14
    Tim is the Truth period! "Hop On"
  • at 11:20 pm on 3.12.14
    Tim is the best!
  • Shana Brady at 6:35 pm on 3.12.14
    Fit as a fiddle :) Nobody does it better!
  • at 9:39 pm on 3.08.14
    Wow, what can I say about Tim? He is not just an excellent fitness instructor, but he walks around with this blanket of positive energy that rubs off on you. He is a very inspirational guy, and you always feel like you've accomplished something after leaving his classes. He has all the ingredients of becoming the next BIGGEST fitness star, reaching out to people who are looking to improve their fitness level and changing their lifestyle.
  • at 1:44 pm on 3.06.14
    Tim Haft has changed my life for the positive. I could never have enough gratitude!
  • at 11:08 pm on 3.05.14
    Yeah Tim!!!!
  • at 5:51 pm on 3.05.14
    The episode doesnt do PunkRope justice. This is the most fun workout ever!
  • at 4:48 pm on 3.05.14
    Tim is all around amazing! One of my favorite people and a true inspiration!
  • at 3:28 am on 3.05.14
  • at 11:44 pm on 3.04.14
    This guy is an inspiration to many. He's got guts and vision.
  • at 9:28 pm on 3.04.14
    I am so glad I stumbled upon Punk Rope at my gym. Tim goes out of his way to make everyone feel comfortable and encouraged even when you think you can't take another minute of it! I always leave class feeling accomplished and I look forward to each class - especially excited for the music theme Tim has picked out. He is dedicated and personable and has made this class feel like home. GO TEAM PUNK ROPE. GO TIM!!!!!
  • Joann Fegley at 6:17 pm on 3.04.14
    Tim is great! I love Punk Rope and all that he does!
  • at 3:37 am on 3.04.14
    I took a PunkRope workshop and FINALLY got double unders. Tim rocks!
  • at 9:53 pm on 3.03.14
    Tim is awesome!
  • at 2:57 pm on 3.03.14
    Punk Rope will kick your butt in the most fun of ways.
  • at 4:29 am on 3.03.14
    Tim provides high energy workouts that gets you sweating, smiling, and coming back for more.
  • at 11:05 pm on 3.02.14
    Dedicated. Personable. Passionate.
  • at 10:06 pm on 3.02.14
    I love Punk Rope!! I've been going to Tim's class for years and it never fails to make me smile and sweat like crazy. Punk Rope makes me happy.
  • at 8:46 pm on 3.02.14
    The most fun I've ever had working out has been in Tim's Punk Rope classes --hands down. He's a great trainer who pushes you to do the best you can for your body while bringing out your inner child with his creative workouts, which I can best describe as "recess" for adults with day jobs. While his fun-filled drills are no joke, he meets you wherever you are in your fitness journey - wether you're a workout pro or newbie. That's supported by the nurturing, no-airs-and-graces environment Tim creates in his classes, which is very refreshing for a place like New York City: everybody gets to feel comfortable about working on their bod, regardless of body shape, fitness level or workout attire. Tim's excellent knowledge of rock music adds a special flavor to every workout in the form of his customized playlists that support the weekly theme he choses for his classes. But what truly makes Tim stand out from other trainers -- and tackles a major problem many people, myself included, have with keeping up a fitness routine over the long run -- is the way he builds and fosters a unique community of active, fun-loving creative people who not only support each other's health and fitness journey but also come out to a fellow Punk Roper's band performance, art exhibit or NGO fundraiser. There has been many a dreary, slush-filled NY winter night where dragging myself to the gym was a step I know I had not taken had it not been for that community spirit and the promise of a thorough, fun-filled, no-inhibitions cardio play date. If you're looking for a healthy antidote to Lulemon pants and coconut water workouts, look no further. Tim's the real thing.
  • at 6:22 pm on 3.02.14
    Tim Haft. His passion and dedication for helping people get fit encompasses everything he does. I walked on to the soccer field a year ago for his Beastanetics class, clueless about what an epic fitness and health journey he was about to guide me through. Tim encouraged me and made the whole fitness thing seem reachable by sharing his own struggles, as every regular person has. Over the course of a year, I got strong and fit, my confidence shot way up, and I am a happier person for it! He has succeeded in creating a culture of sorts of people that take his classes by having meet ups and activities where we all get together every month or so. I am one among the many people who love Tim and look forward to his ass-kicking classes!
  • Jen Kaiser at 4:39 pm on 3.02.14
  • at 4:13 pm on 3.02.14
    Tim is great. His method is very creative and extremely helpful for everybody.
  • at 3:54 pm on 3.02.14
    Tim Haft is a great trainer.
  • at 6:56 pm on 3.01.14
    Tim Haft changed my life period. His friendly approach to fitness is what the world needs. I did not even know how to jump rope before his punk rope class. When I first join the class and realize it was fun and full of energy. I felt like a kid running around at gym class. At the same time you are getting an amazing cardio work out. I lost 45lbs doing the Punk Rope class! I'm forever thankful to Tim for making me believe in myself and pushing my limits. He's the TRUTH! *THUMBS WAY UP*
  • at 11:48 pm on 1.21.14
    Tim has a great approach and non-stop enthusiasm for creating fitness opportunities for people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. A jump rope is a minimal piece of gear but you can do his workouts with no equipment. I've taken Punk Rope classes with kids as young as 9 and adults who are afraid to jump rope but still come to class every week to "jump" and work out. I've never before seen this kind of dedication and inspiration of both student and teacher. Even more incredible is that everyone in the class gets a serious workout, regardless of fitness level. That's the magic of Punk Rope - it works for everyone because each works to their own level while creating a broad-based fitness community. For those needing to go seriously hardcore, his Beastanetics HIIT program takes no prisoners but shares the same commitment to fostering community. It's also a no-gear program, based entirely on body-weight exercises. On top of creating solid, smart workouts, Tim also does what many trainers talk about but can't deliver: helping you find and maintain a bunch of workout buddies which are so often the linchpin to a successful fitness regimen. Thumbs up FIT!
  • at 2:25 pm on 1.13.14
    Tim is the best! I found Beastanetics after complete lack of inspiration in traditional gym classes. My strength was unbalanced and untapped. I literally couldn't do one proper push up the first day. The warm up nearly winded me, but I kept on. I finished the first session and kept going until life demanded work outs on a different schedule. I am still on the email list and I actually miss waking up at 6 am to get ready to ride my bike to the park before work. The exercise is one part and it is effective, but you are also welcomed into a community of rad people who all do really fun things in real life. Also, just because you can't make class doesn't mean your out of the gang, Tim's investment in his students is real. I had to get my strength up to play roller derby and I couldn't have done it without him. We are still work together, when life let's me make a class (Beastanetics or Punk Rope), and I'm pretty sure I got my first MVP sash because he was at the bout. His positive energy is literally that infectious!
  • at 7:51 pm on 1.12.14
    Tim is as great of a trainer as he is social networker (in real life!). He has built an incredible community of people from all walks of life and the pack is continually growing. This is no doubts because of Tim's investment in his students and his infectious positive attitude. I've worked with many instructors in NYC but none have been as supportive as Tim. Tim has created an environment for anyone and everyone to enjoy working out. His classes are endlessly creative. Because Tim keeps things so varied and fun, people come back week after week. While most people burn out on a certain type of workout after a few months, Tim has a consistent following of people who have been with him for YEARS. I could continue on and on about how great Tim is, but don't get me wrong...these classes are serious workouts!! I never fail to leave class drenched in sweat and with that crazy workout high people talk about. Since working with him, I've shaved off nearly 20 pounds, am FINALLY able to do push ups, am faster than I was in high school, increased my endurance a ton and have never felt better. At the risk of sounding cliche; Tim has really changed my life!
  • at 4:37 pm on 1.10.14
    Tim is an amazing trainer and a lovely person. His classes are challenging enough for the super fit among us, but there's zero intimidation or macho factor. After years of going to the gym, Punk Rope and Beastanetics have made exercising fun for me, and I'll never go back to the tired treadmill-elyptical grind. Also, Tim has a way of bringing really interesting, cool people together--his classes aren't just a great workout, they're full of amazing people you want to catch your breath and talk to!
  • at 4:46 am on 1.08.14
    Punk rope is a great class for all ages and abilities!! It is exercise masked in a cloth of pure fun! If your enjoying yourself, you will keep doing it! Tim has made it so easy to learn and is so energetic that it is contagious!! This program is a "FIT" for all!!
  • at 10:03 pm on 1.07.14
    Great trainer and person!
  • at 9:35 pm on 1.07.14
    I never thought I would be an exercise before work person, but that all changed when I discovered Tim’s Beastanetics. Every session, he manages to create a super inclusive group of people who motivate each other during a grueling, yet somehow enjoyable workout. After I finish a class, I’m astounded at my energy level and that “alive” feeling you can only get after a good workout. He has made me rediscover my athletic strengths and has motivated me to take on new physical challenges like surfing. Before Tim, my arms were string beans and I could barely do one pushup. After Beastanetics, my arms are still string beans, but really strong ones, the kind with a bunch of small bumps that allow me to do more pushups than I ever thought possible.
  • at 7:57 pm on 1.07.14
    Tim is incredible at combining fitness, fun and community. After one punishing six week session of Beastanetics I was hooked and have invested my time repeatedly ever since. Tim is relentlessly encouraging and his classes fly by because they are both challenging and fun. The community around Beastanetics is full of awesome and interesting people and Tim is at the heart of it, pushing everyone forward.
  • at 4:20 pm on 1.07.14
    For over a decade I wanted to get back in shape. Skeptic, I have decided to check out Beastenatics, mostly because it was an outdoor activity, and so it began… I am not a good beginner, never was, never will be, but with Tim’s unconditional support both during and outside of class I have managed to overcome my fear. My lifestyle has changed, because I have changed. There are no words to describe how Tim and the community he has built have impacted my life. Never in a million years would I thought I will be looking forward to a workout, get out of bed at 5:30 in the morning for a run, complete a 5K or hang out in the rain for hours with my now friends for the PunkRope games. Positive energy all the way, if you are looking for a workout that doesn’t feel like one or maybe just interested in meeting a bunch of super cool people give it a try. Tim is already my Fitness star.
  • at 3:54 am on 1.07.14
    Tim is an exceptional person. I started doing Beastanetics with Tim nearly two years ago. It is one of the toughest and most rewarding workouts I have ever done. Tim is supportive and caring both in and out of class. He genuine care and concern for all of his trainees keeps us all coming back time and time again.
  • at 1:47 am on 1.07.14
    I write this with total sincerity: Tim Haft transformed my life. He has made me healthier, fitter, more confident and stronger inside and out. And by continuing to build a close-knit, supportive community of "Beasts" or "Punk Rope"ers, he has taught us that your health doesn't just have to be about you -- but those you choose to surround yourself with. Every workout manages to be completely demanding, yet fun -- and I've watched self-proclaimed gymrats struggle due to the intensity in their first few classes. A true holistic trainer -- and it certainly helps that his hard work means he looks 15+ years younger than he is! (very inspiring!)
  • at 10:52 pm on 1.06.14
    I have struggled, perpetually, with my weight since my childhood. I've crashed dieted, ballooned up and down the scale pretty much my whole life. And it wasn't until a friend suggested Beastanetics that my life started to change, and change for the better. Soon after I started Punk Rope came into play as well and my healthy life started to take shape and form. I've lost a significant amount of weight, gained back my confidence, and have truly been able to judge myself less harshly with the support, humor, kindness and vast amount of heart these programs have to offer. Tim and Shana are more than just a team of people teaching you to exercise, they are trusted confidants that will empower you to be a better person.
  • at 10:23 pm on 1.06.14
    Even though I had always been a gym-class avoider growing up, meeting Tim Haft changed my mind and I joined Beastanetics. Tim's classes—while more difficult than anything I've ever attempted—produce results. Instead of a boot-camp type demeanor, Tim is encouraging and comes up with alternative exercises when creaky old-lady knees won't stand for what the rest of the class is doing. Tim is so sweet that I don't even mind being the least coordinated person in the class! I wrote this piece about doing Beastanetics:
  • at 10:19 pm on 1.06.14
    I often lightly joke that Punk Rope changed my life, but in essence it really did. As a non-athlete, non-fitness person for life, I was attracted to the name/theme of the class via a flyer. I tried it out and since 2007, have been a devotee! Punk Rope combines an intense butt-kicking workout with the fun of elementary recess. Each class is sweaty and challenging yet revels in a sense of play that tricks you into believing you're not really working out! Punk Rope speaks volumes to Tim's dedication and skill as a whole community of supportive folks has grown from class. Tim is patient, instructive and informative (explains the why and how of exercises), and genuinely concerned with his students. I've since tried many exercise programs and classes and never how found quite a sense of pridde, accomplishment, enpowerment and friendliness as I do in Punk Rope! My outlook towards fitness, exercise and diet has changed - as well as my weight, posture, self-confidence and stress level (obs for the better)! Hop on, Tim!
  • at 9:25 pm on 1.06.14
    As a lifelong jock, I was never big on group fitness classes, and definitely had an attitude about "boot camp" classes, which I assumed would be some muscle head barking orders like a drill sergeant and wouldn't be a "real" workout. But I cautiously decided to join Beastanetics, mostly because Tim seemed like such a genuinely nice guy, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. Maybe pleasant isn't the right word: Beastanetics is one of the most difficult and challenging workouts I've ever done, but Tim is so incredibly supportive and inspirational, people come back session after session to put themselves through the pain…willingly! Everyone kept talking about Punk Rope, so I had to try that too: what an amazingly fun workout! And so insidious: no one realizes they are actually exercising because they're having so much fun jumping around to loud rock music. I've had a lot of coaches over the years, and have to say Tim is truly a special one, he has a way of making people feel supported and included while inspiring everyone to push themselves to the utmost. It's not an exaggeration to say it's changed my life!
  • at 5:06 pm on 1.03.14
    Holy (skinny) cow, I love Punk Rope and Tim and Shana! Punk Rope is unlike any exercise class out there. I'd actually say it's more of a community than just a class! The workout itself is challenging and dynamic--but also so fun that you might not notice just how hard you're working. It's not uncommon to leave class a) having met a new friend b) wondering where you can get Tim's awesome playlists and c) feeling sweaty but accomplished. Tim is a wonderful motivator and a true leader!!
  • at 9:55 pm on 12.09.13
    I've been a Punk Rope faithful since moving to New York earlier this year. I've exercised pretty much all my life, but Punk Rope is different from any other sport that I've done. Firstly, it's really, really fun. Punk Rope encourages us to embrace our inner child, which is brilliant when the day-to-day grind is dragging us down. Tim and Shana encourages a friendly environment, meaning that I am making friends here - something which is great as a newbie to town and something that I've never experienced at any other class. Lastly, I love how energised I feel after a Punk Rope session. There's no unfriendly competitive edge that sometimes hangs in the air at other high intensity classes. Just an invitation to go for a post-workout drink! Punk Rope is the highlight of my week, as I'm always wondering what the music, the costumes, the drills, and relays will be! Thanks Tim and Shana!
  • at 8:26 pm on 12.09.13
    I suck at jumping rope. I've always found it super hard and never took the time to improve my form. Somehow, that doesn't stop me from getting a kick-ass work out and natural high from Tim Haft's Punk Rope class. Tim and Shana are patient instructors, and their students are equal parts competitive and motivating. Punk Rope offers one of the more challenging workouts I've done. And after just a couple of classes my rope-jumping skills (not to mention my stamina) improved. I've been a member of the Punk Rope community since day-one, and I've seen some pretty average bodies (no offense, people) become pretty darn hard and attractive (there, I made up for that other comment).
  • at 7:34 pm on 12.06.13
    The bestest, most ass-kicking, funnest, rockin'-est workout EVER! I've been a faithful Punk Roper for about 3 years now. Punk Rope is a killer workout, but you won't know it until you're done, drenched with sweat, and feeling like a million bucks! The music kicks butt, and the strong element of play keeps you smiling, which studies show helps you not feel pain! :) Tim and Shana are excellent instructors. Tim is incredibly approachable and cues well, and Shana is the form QUEEN. Both of them are incredibly supportive instructors, knowing when to push you, always offering an adjustment or two to make your experience and workout better. Beyond all that, this is not your faceless, nameless workout experience. Tim and Shana work hard to create a community atmosphere. The group games and relay races you do in class naturally extend to monthly happy hours, outings, and music trivia nights they organize. I am so pleased to say that I've met some awesome people that I consider true friends through this class. Punk Rope makes you work hard while you play hard!
  • at 12:31 am on 12.05.13
    Taking Punk Rope with Tim really changed my life. I had never been big on organized fitness or working out before taking this class. Punk Rope became a staple for me in my exercise routine, which rapidly developed once I realized how much fun it could be to stay fit. Tim's classes, both Punk Rope and Beastanetics, are extremely challenging. What I think these classes offer that a lot of others do not, is a sense of camaraderie and reassurance. You feel welcome in his classes, you are not afraid to mess up, you are free to be yourself and you become part of a community of people who are interesting and fun. Another great aspect of Tim's classes is the constant variety - every class is different, from the movements down to the theme and music. Tim emphasizes the important role that music can play in anyone's fitness routine, which, as a person who abhors working out without music, I completely agree with. Tim, and his absolute passion for helping people be the best they can be, is a true inspiration. I certainly would not be in the shape I am in today if it weren't for him.
  • at 11:38 pm on 12.04.13
    Punk Rope is amazing ... I've been doing Punk Rope activities since 2008. Kids love this program - jumping rope along with individual, partner, and group activities keeps the kids engaged and active. Tim and Shana provide a wealth of support and guidance and truly find interesting ways to change the routines up to keep them fresh and folks motivated. It's a wonderful way to do cross-training activities for all-round fitness - it's so much fun that before you realize the time, the class is over and you've gotten a great workout. Once you've tried it, you'll love it!!
  • at 11:26 pm on 12.04.13
    Tim truly practices what he preaches. He's a great instructor and member of our fitness as well as social community. He knows when to push you harder so you can achieve your goals and he knows how to make sure you have fun doing it! His team breakouts during his classes help you motivate others in the class as well as push yourself so you don't let your team down. He's constantly dreaming up new themes and exercises to work out different parts of your body. I've taken his classes for a few years now and have never been bored, but I've definitely been sore! Go, Tim!!
  • at 7:16 pm on 12.04.13
    I found Punk Rope about a year ago and make sure to attend every time that I visit NYC. Tim was a friendly and inspiring leader from the first day. The class is fun, welcoming, silly and a great workout. I always leave Punk Rope with a smile on my sweaty face!
  • at 5:37 pm on 12.04.13
    Punk rope is an amazing workout class! It's super duper fun as we play while working hard. Never during class does anyone watch the time wondering when class will end. There's only time for play! Before you know it the class is over and you didn't even notice you broke a sweat. Like kids playing with a jump rope and running in the school playground, we do the same as adults in a gym. It's so refreshing to go to a class with the intention to play and not primarily burn calories. Calories are definitely burnt, punk rope is no joke. Have you ever done lunges with a group of 25 people in a large circle at the gym acting as though you are at a graduation ceremony waving to the crowd? That is the type of theatrical scene in which Tim and staff will place you. You'll imagine yourself transported into another world whether it's fighting as knights in Scotland or being a high school graduate waving to your proud parents. Every week has a new theme which also means you work out to an entirely new playlist. The spirit of the class is amazing as Tim and his team primarily want to serve the community and get people to make friends in class. We high five, we work in teams and encourage your team mates to push themselves however low or high their fitness level is. Everyone feeds off Tim and Shana's positive energy and it's super duper cool! Come check them out!
  • at 5:37 pm on 12.04.13
    Punk rope is an amazing workout class! It's super duper fun as we play while working hard. Never during class does anyone watch the time wondering when class will end. There's only time for play! Before you know it the class is over and you didn't even notice you broke a sweat. Like kids playing with a jump rope and running in the school playground, we do the same as adults in a gym. It's so refreshing to go to a class with the intention to play and not primarily burn calories. Calories are definitely burnt, punk rope is no joke. Have you ever done lunges with a group of 25 people in a large circle at the gym acting as though you are at a graduation ceremony waving to the crowd? That is the type of theatrical scene in which Tim and staff will place you. You'll imagine yourself transported into another world whether it's fighting as knights in Scotland or being a high school graduate waving to your proud parents. Every week has a new theme which also means you work out to an entirely new playlist. The spirit of the class is amazing as Tim and his team primarily want to serve the community and get people to make friends in class. We high five, we work in teams and encourage your team mates to push themselves however low or high their fitness level is. Everyone feeds off Tim and Shana's positive energy and it's super duper cool! Come check them out!



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