FIT to a T
By Tara Faye
New York, NY
Determination is the only difference between the impossible and the possible!
Tara Faye is the owner and manager of a boutique fitness studio, PNT Fitness, and has been making waves in the fitness industry for almost 10 years with her "Fit to a T" format, which focuses on people who are stuck with those extra couple pounds and really want to tone & tighten their bodies to look & feel 100%. It was her mother (who you'll see in her audition!) that originally sparked her interest in fitness because she was an instructor throughout Tara’s childhood. It was during college that Tara began instructing classes and received her Group Fitness Certification through the American Council of Exercise (ACE) and shortly thereafter her Personal Training Certification through the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and Spinning Certification through Mad Dogg Athletics. After college she taught all over the city, began renting studios for classes and gathered a personal following in Manhattan with both Personal Training and Group Fitness. Her approach as a fitness trainer is tough, but doable. She wants you to leave from her workouts and feel like it was super challenging, but you accomplished it, because that’s a great feeling! It’s mind over body and our body is much more capable than our mind tells us, and Tara's teaching style helps people to realize this!

Tara instructs 10 classes per week at her studio while maintaining a thriving personal training clientele (which includes numerous models from IMG Model Agency). She's currently engaged and spends her free time planning for their wedding in May!
FUN FACT! Tara was asked to model for the fitness clothing line VIELET Performance Merino! Check her out all over the website!


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    Great Job!
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    boring, zzzz. All of this has been done b4
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    Great trainer !
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    Tara so fit & an excellent Trainer!!! Go girl!!!!
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    Tara you rock it
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    Go T go!!!
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    yes tara! you're killing it!
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    Hey Tara AND Wanda!!! You go girls. Awesome !
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    Tara rocks!
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    Go Tara!
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    Go Tara Go!!!! You are one fit babe!
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    Go Tara!!



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