Evolution Peformance
By Ray Padilla
Bronx, NY
Train like today is the last day before society comes to an end and your only weapon for survival is your body .... EVOLVE!
Ray is an athlete who has turned his years of hard work on the field into a specialized career. A National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer, member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), Level 1 Crossfit Instructor , BFS Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach , and former Director/ Performance coach at Velocity Sports Performance, Ray provides an elite level of innovative and dynamic athletic training that can EVOLVE the stay at home mom or the professional athlete! He twice lettered in track and field at Pace University and was a member of the schools fastest 4x100 meter team, while playing football he was not only team captain, but 4 year starter, was an all-conference honoree, and set school records for interceptions and fumble recoveries. This led to a successful career playing 2 seasons of professional football in Europe and 1 season in the US Arena football league. Currently he is the defending NPC Tri-State amateur bodybuilding Champion and the #26th ranked 181lb unequipped powerlifter in the U.S. Ray has also coached football and track & field at every level including collegiate, he brings knowledge and passion for performance training that can take anyone to the next level.
Ray is attempting to compete at the National Level in both Body building and powerlifting in the same year in 2014 !


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    Most knowledgeable trainer I've ever seen
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    I think his next episode should be shirtless. I wouldn't mind having to stare at him during my training session ;)
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