VR20™: Visible Results
By norma lowe
New York, NY
Fitness is a never-ending journey: I'll show you the most interesting route and fun itinerary
Norma Lowe, Fitness Expert, Author, Teacher, Nutritional Coach, NASM CPT, MA., has been changing physiques since 1997. While earning her Masters at Columbia University, she trained herself with the result that people of all stripes approached her with their fitness queries.This led to an appearance on BET's "Heart and Soul": Abdominals special.The blog continues the abs -education:
She became a Pro-Natural Bodybuilder and Fitness Professional and began developping classes in the BodyTone series to meet the needs of her clients. Norma's training programs encompass the Sports specific, to Pre and Post Natal, to everything in between. She stresses however, that these are tools that she chooses among to get the desired results. A movement specialist, she is unique in naming her programs by their biomechanical ID, cutting, jumping, lunging, squatting, rotating..., in order to show the primacy of the Chain Reaction in functional exercise. VR20™ means visible results in 20 sessions, with homework. Norma's entire life experience has led to the branding of this BAMM™ ethos: Clients go through three stages: Belief, Action and Motivation to maintain the visible results.
Was a Playboy Bunny in Nassau Bahamas, while a Teacher's College student.


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  • at 3:10 pm on 7.01.14
    the best trainer i ever had. couldnt do a pull up till i met her
  • at 12:44 pm on 7.01.14
    Norma is the best trainer! In always get results when I train with her. Norma rocks! 🎯
  • at 12:38 am on 7.01.14
    Norma is a fitness expert and motivator!
  • at 12:35 am on 7.01.14
    Work it!!
  • at 12:33 am on 7.01.14
    Norma is authentic in her training style and creative in marketing her workouts! Good job, Norma!
  • at 12:29 am on 7.01.14
    Norma is a true professional and original in her customs made programs.
  • at 12:04 am on 7.01.14
    Norma is amazing! So inspiring!
  • at 4:00 pm on 6.30.14
    GO Norma!
  • at 3:59 pm on 6.30.14
    I have competed professionally and have served as a judge for professional body builders. Norma is on another level when it comes to her expertise. This challenge is hands down NORMA!!
  • at 3:55 pm on 6.30.14
    Great fitness trainer!
  • at 3:29 pm on 6.30.14
    Inspiring and effective!!
  • at 3:11 pm on 6.30.14
    Knowledgable,expert and is a walking billboard for fitness!
  • at 3:08 pm on 6.30.14
    Innovative and unique with individualized result driven input
  • at 4:01 am on 6.30.14
    Fantastic trainer who truly knows what she's doing and yields results!! Norma's program is sure to actually work as oppose to mediocre workouts that are not effective, but "inspiring". When it comes to fitness there's only one thing that matters and that's results!!!! Not the fluff one wants to hear for the sake of hearing it!! No pain no gain-- PERIOD!'
  • at 3:43 am on 6.30.14
    Norma is a true professional and a champion fitness expert!
  • at 2:42 am on 6.30.14
    Terrific results with Norma - probably the most experienced trainer I've encountered. Best of all - she's a generous soul - a quality that only the very best trainers have! Peter Klebnikov
  • at 1:04 am on 6.29.14
    Norma Lowe's VR20 Program not only transform bodies, but empowers the client by building self confidence as well. Norma is a Champion!!!
  • at 11:07 pm on 6.28.14
    Norma is a real professionnal . Made huge progress wigt her And most important had fun ! She is boosting my life
  • at 2:21 pm on 6.28.14
    You rock Norma
  • at 1:24 am on 6.28.14
    Ms. Norma Lowe is the premier renaissance woman of the fitness world. She is not only a fitness expert, but also an author, scholar, teacher, and nutritional coach. Ms. Lowe is a fantastic fitness professional with high standards. She has the physique to prove it! She brings enthusiasm and radiant energy. She is very inspirational to her students. Ms. Norma Lowe IS America's next Fitness Star!
  • Christy at 12:33 am on 6.28.14
  • at 9:15 pm on 6.26.14
    Miss , NORMA IS THE BEST OF THE BEST ! ATTENTION: America , look at the Norma body n DREAM N ACHIVE YOUR DREAM WITH HER ! All American should BOTH HER FOR 100++ = have her to REPRESENT MISS , NORMA TO BE # 1 . All American must have her training in their daily life . YES, INDEED , Miss, NORMA , YOU ARE the THE BEST OF THE BEST ! In Japanese language we say , GU GYO KUU ! The ULTIMATE BEST OF THE BEST ! MISS, NORMA , You change Americans FITNESS OF TOMORROW ! Get in the shape all American ,,, Life is beautiful as long as your body is beautiful as Miss, NORMA !.
  • at 12:13 pm on 6.26.14
    Norma is an amazing fitness professional. She is passionate about making a difference in her clients' lives and dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. Her enthusiasm, energy and good humor is infectious. She is a wonderful inspiration to all who know her.
  • at 3:26 pm on 6.25.14
    Unfortunately, I do not live near NYC, not even in the US. But I enjoy(ed) Norma's awesome program anyway. Norma is a great source of inspiration for a huge number of people out there and she has been a terrific source of inspiration for me for many, many years... and counting. Not only is she a great and enthusiastic trainer but also outrageously hard working for the benefit of anyone who would like to care more about health. Go Norma!
  • Victoria at 8:05 pm on 6.24.14
  • at 8:02 pm on 6.24.14
    As a fitness enthusiast, I have worked with many trainers. Norma is not only a walking testament of her knowledge and expertise, but also unique and far more advanced in her methodology.
  • at 7:42 pm on 6.19.14
    Norma has become one of my angels, she is a perfect inspiration for me and great for positive energy, positive health and aspiring for a better body. She certainly has one.
  • at 9:52 pm on 6.16.14
    Norma has always been passionate for the things she cares about. Health and well being is on top of that list.
  • David Scott Cohen at 6:56 pm on 6.13.14
    Outstanding shape, perfect figure, great trainer
  • at 12:38 pm on 6.11.14
    I was one of the first VR20 students and let me tell you, it's killer!! Go Norma!
  • at 6:03 pm on 6.10.14
    Norma has a passion and she will get you addicted to fitness in no time. She is à very knowledged person with à super fit and strong body. Hope to have her as my personal trainer some day!!!
  • at 3:37 am on 6.10.14
    Norma is a relentless dedicated passionate trainer. She could have a 100 year old 300 pound person running a 4 minute mike in two weeks. While I am constantly griping at her insistence of doing the workout correctly--it is because of her that I can keep up with our one year old.
  • at 11:52 am on 6.08.14
    Norma has taught me so much over 13 yrs! My squats are in correct form, I know when I am out of alignment and I know if I am working the correct muscle. The knowledge she has given me is forever- thank you Norma! Committed to mind and body working in harmony, I have learned so much over the years. She is not just a trainer, but a teacher and an Inspirator!
  • at 4:12 am on 6.08.14
    I just met Norma, and she adjusted me in 2 minutes. Good lady.
  • at 12:54 am on 6.08.14
    Norma is the best!
  • at 12:52 am on 6.08.14
    Norma is my fitness role model. I wouldn't consider working out with anyone else - she is committed, supportive and dedicated to her goals as well as your own personal goals.
  • at 12:30 am on 6.07.14
    Norma is commited to fitness as a lifestyle. She inspires and encourages me to eat healthy and exercise!!!! Go Norma!!!!!!
  • Victoria at 1:48 pm on 6.06.14
    I have seen Norma stay true to her goal regardless of obstacles...a dedicated professional! Go Norma!
  • at 12:19 am on 6.05.14
    Here's my fitness heroine
  • at 12:10 am on 6.05.14
    Norma Lowe is the bomb! Great body. Strong personality. She's the total package.



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