Miss Motivational
By Michele Gordon
New York, NY
GO! Make Things Happen!
Hi There! I'm Miss Motivational and I'm here to change your life! As an innovative and award-winning group exercise instructor, personal trainer, motivational speaker, blogger, and emerging author, I work to inspire you to smile as you become the strong, fit, energetic leader you've always wanted to be. Currently, I teach classes all over NYC and I'm the Fitness Ambassador for Reebok, the Health Ambassador for LARABAR, and a #SweatPink Ambassador for Fit Approach as well as a Fitness Expert for several brands such as Fresh & Co. NYC and Fit To Inspire . I used to feel insecure, unfit, tired, sick, and afraid. I discovered that fitness gave me the energy, confidence, and strength to conquer my fears and achieve my goals. My workout programs will help you too! They are fun and effective, and they'll make you feel revved up all day! Are you ready to GO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN?


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  • at 1:48 am on 10.01.14
    She's the best!
  • at 1:35 am on 10.01.14
    She is determined, inspiring and really lives up to her name!
  • at 12:24 am on 10.01.14
    No one works harder than Miss Motivational. She truly is MOTIVATIONAL! Her classes always make me feel inspired to lead a fit life. She pushes you to work in the best & nicest way possible! She is adorable, feisty, and destined to be a star. She's got my vote!
  • at 8:38 pm on 9.30.14
    she has my vote
  • at 7:14 pm on 9.30.14
  • at 2:35 pm on 9.29.14
  • at 4:01 pm on 9.28.14
  • at 2:33 am on 9.27.14
    Fitness is her middle name!!!! #MissNotivational!!!!!!
  • at 11:56 pm on 9.22.14
    Awesome lady :)
  • at 3:37 pm on 9.22.14
    She is the best!!!!!!!!!!
  • at 10:50 pm on 9.20.14
    go girl!!!
  • at 3:26 am on 9.19.14
    You got this Michele!!! :)
  • at 4:29 pm on 9.13.14
    Michele is amazing! Vote for Miss Motivational!
  • at 3:41 am on 9.13.14
    Michele is the best!
  • at 2:00 am on 9.13.14
    GO Michele!!! Amazing energy and inspiration!
  • at 10:24 am on 7.01.14
    great news Michele you are fabulous!!!!!!!!!! glad you are the winner
  • Natasha Linton at 3:44 am on 7.01.14
    Michele is so inspiring!
  • at 10:19 pm on 6.29.14
    This isn't a workout routine that will yield real results.
  • at 3:39 am on 6.10.14
    Go Miss Motivational!
  • at 4:53 pm on 6.09.14
  • at 2:22 pm on 6.07.14
    Miss Motivational brings the best out in me!
  • at 11:26 am on 6.07.14
    No one works harder than Miss Motivational does. She truly is Miss Motivational and will motivate you to reach your goals!
  • at 7:40 pm on 6.05.14
  • at 5:37 pm on 6.04.14
    Simply the best. Super passionate!
  • at 11:12 am on 6.04.14
    Miss motivational she truly is! She always inspires everyone to be the best they can be!
  • at 1:19 am on 6.04.14
    Michelle is one of the greatest instrutors that I know.
  • at 4:45 pm on 6.03.14
    I have known Michele since college and she has grown and become such a powerful leader in the fitness world. She is so empowering to others and truly cares about her participants. She is going to continue to make a difference with your votes, so make sure you vote for Michele!
  • at 3:21 pm on 6.03.14
    Michele is a great instructor. I have only taken classes she has subbed but when I see her I get a huge smile on my face!
  • at 1:02 pm on 6.03.14
    Michele is an incredible trainer and truly lives up to her name! Every time I leave her class I feel empowered and inspired!
  • at 1:14 am on 6.03.14
    Michele is a phenomenal human. Simple as that.
  • at 11:39 pm on 6.02.14
  • at 10:09 pm on 6.02.14
    I've never met anyone more passionate about their career and getting fit than Michele! She is an inspiration! Love her energy! Vote for Michele!
  • at 8:54 pm on 6.02.14
  • at 10:52 pm on 1.06.14
  • at 2:44 pm on 1.06.14
    Michelle is a ball of high energy motivation. She approaches teaching with full force and no hesitation! She truly is an inspiration!
  • at 1:07 am on 1.03.14
    Michele is a total inspiration. She's professional, enthusiastic, passionate, and beautiful inside and out. She makes everyone in her class feel empowered to be the best person she (or he!) can be. Miss Motivational is the perfect nickname. Go Michele!
  • at 3:05 am on 1.02.14
    Michele really lives up to her name and is the MOST motivational instructor and trainer I have ever met. Just this morning I did her Dorm Room Workout (and I'm not a college student), but it's a fun and safe workout at any age. Michele knows how to make people look forward to working out and she inspires everyone she meets. Vote Miss Motivational!
  • at 6:20 pm on 12.31.13
    I've worked out in a private session with Michelle. The best way to describe her is "sensually sinister". She loves every one of her clients and knows exactly how far to push them. She makes go harder even thought you "can't". Then when you "can", she smiles at your smile and success.
  • at 5:18 pm on 12.14.13
    My favorite instructor of all time. I never leave a class without a smile on my face. Michele is so enthusiastic and inspiring and her passion for everything she does is amazing!
  • at 8:33 pm on 12.06.13
    Michele is one of those instructors that can turn a nightmare of a work week into an energy-filled, sweatastic week pumping me with the motivation to keep moving and power through the bad days just as well as I can the good days. She is inspiring and always ready with a smile to work your booty off! My favorite with her is Tight Tush Tuesdays!
  • at 11:59 pm on 12.05.13
    the most inspiring and ambitious person you will EVER meet. do not doubt this girl for second! Michele goes above and beyond and puts her heart into EVERYTHING she does. Not only did she educate me on fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but she inspired me to become an instructor myself. I can only wish to be half as good as her!!! Miss Motivational will be a house hold name.. guaranteed =].. and plus shes hot.
  • at 1:22 pm on 12.05.13
    Ms. Motivational is amazing and lives up to her name! She constantly encourages me to do my best and pushes me to a different level I never expected I could ever achieve. Michele motivates me to realize there are endless possibilities and I just need to "go and make things happen"!! Her lifestyle, hard work and determination allows her to be so successful in reaching all her goals! Ms. Motivational is a true inspiration to us all!
  • at 3:23 am on 12.05.13
  • at 2:59 am on 12.05.13
    Miss Motivational is more then motivational she is inspirational. She inspires us all to be the best we can be. She is knowledgable and passionate about everything she does and she deserves to be here. She is truly amazing.
  • at 2:10 am on 12.05.13
    clearly there are no limits on the amount of fitness passion one individual can share with a community. miss motivational is an endless ball of energy and enthusiasm, a consummate professional and fitspiration to us all!
  • at 8:23 pm on 12.04.13
  • Gerren Liles at 7:28 pm on 12.04.13
    Mzzzzz Motivational is the best! She has great energy, and knows how to make you appreciate where you are while pushing you to go further....
  • at 6:23 pm on 12.04.13
    Michelle Is awesome I read her motivational Monday blog and emails it always gets me pumped to start my week!
  • at 5:03 pm on 12.04.13
    Miss Motivational has such a great spirit! She is lively, makes working out fun, and always pushes you to do your best!
  • Jen Oppenheimer at 1:15 pm on 12.04.13
    Miss Motivational inspires people wherever she goes. Her passion for fitness gets people excited to work out. She has my vote!
  • at 12:22 pm on 12.04.13
    Michele Gordon gets my vote for #1. She is the best. She has an exciting and warm personality. She is very professional and has the knowledge and ability to teach us all to improve and be the best we can be..
  • at 11:00 am on 12.04.13
    Michele is an amazing inspiration to all! I am in awe of how much she has accomplished and how much she is still ready to do! She is the definition of FIT!
  • at 5:07 am on 12.04.13
    The MOST motivational... inspired me to become a fitness instructor to help others while also pursuing my own wellness goals. Also the only person to get me to work out in a morning class-- and if you knew me you would understand that says A LOT. If you don't vote fore Michele, you are doing something wrong.
  • at 5:06 am on 12.04.13
    Michele's fitness extends far beyond the physical to the mental, emotional, and intellectual. It is infectious and unwavering.
  • at 4:54 am on 12.04.13
  • at 4:53 am on 12.04.13
    Best group exercise instructor I have encountered. She is a pure ball of energy and makes working out a blast! She def got my vote for # 1
  • at 4:41 am on 12.04.13
    Miss Motivational deserves this. If you looked up FIT in the dictionary there would be a picture of Miss Motivational!



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