By Maria Trice
Teaneck, NJ
Do you have a system that works? Train Smart. .Train hard..Enjoy your life!
Master Trainer and lifestyle Coach, I've developed systems that work for all kinds of clients.


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  • at 10:53 pm on 9.15.14
    The best trainer ever!!!
  • at 6:13 pm on 9.09.14
    maria, thank you for keeping us healthy and fit while having loads of fun. You are an inspiration to us all. debbie botwinick
  • at 12:17 pm on 8.01.14
    Maria is a talented, charismatic and brilliant with her training!!! You gotta vote!
  • at 2:55 am on 7.25.14
    Maria has been training for many years!! Very knowledgeable, energetic & fun! She makes you want to work out!!
  • at 8:38 pm on 7.23.14
    Maria is energetic, very inspiring, and knows how to get you moving. Thanks Maria
  • at 12:17 pm on 7.22.14
    Did you vote yet? Maria is the best allround trainer and will gear your training so you can meet your needs and goals!
  • at 2:08 pm on 7.18.14
    Maria is the TRUTH now get fit!
  • at 6:52 pm on 7.17.14
    She is charming, helpful, and an all around great leader.
  • Debra Bono at 2:09 pm on 7.17.14
    Motivating and positive!! Great assists for an instructor.
  • at 3:05 am on 7.17.14
    I can feel the burn!!! And your understanding. Thanks maria!!!
  • at 1:57 am on 7.17.14
    Go Maria! My new fitness video! Already feeling the burn and you make it look so easy!
  • at 10:33 pm on 7.16.14
    Always look forward to your class, even if I have to get up at 7AM
  • at 8:32 pm on 7.16.14
    Maria is a motivating and makes exercising fun!
  • at 7:39 pm on 7.16.14
    Great trainer!
  • Debra Bono at 2:44 pm on 7.16.14
    Great energy Maria, well rounded workout.
  • at 4:50 am on 7.16.14
    Wow, need u as my personal fitness trainer but I probably wouldn't last 5 minutes anymore lol. Big proud,big hug!
  • at 8:01 pm on 7.15.14
    Love your energy and sincerity. It looks like you do this because you love it.Beautiful inside and out!
  • at 2:36 pm on 7.15.14
    You're the BEST...high energy and awesome presence to motivate a group or crowd.
  • at 12:32 pm on 7.13.14
    Can't wait to attend Maria's Monday 8am class. So popular that class is sold out! Maria is a fitness guru.
  • at 12:49 pm on 7.11.14
    If you haven't voted for Maria yet, vote now. You won't be sorry to have her on your team!!!
  • at 5:38 pm on 7.08.14
    Maria is a fabulous instructor. Time flies, high energy, great music, and feeling the effects for days.
  • at 4:22 pm on 7.08.14
    Maria has an upbeat, sunny personality. She gets the job done in a pleasant enjoyable atmosphere. Great energy.
  • at 3:10 pm on 7.08.14
    Excellent energy and stamina Maria
  • at 2:40 pm on 7.08.14
    Fabulous teacher!! Your will see the changes in your body.
  • at 6:39 am on 7.07.14
    Fantastic trainer with excellent methods and great capacity to motivate. Helped me to achieve fitness levels I haven't ever had before, and am feeling fit and fabulous at 60. Awesome motivational person!
  • at 9:49 pm on 7.06.14
    Excellent trainer! Always a great workout with a beautiful smile. Very inspiring!
  • at 5:51 pm on 7.05.14
    Incredible star qualities..Amazing energy, commitment to whole health of all you touch, and unbeatable techniques!! Keep it going on overdrive to keep Global health at your stride (Tanya Hilton)
  • at 3:25 pm on 7.05.14
    A superb master trainer. :)
  • at 3:58 pm on 12.31.13
    Amazing trainer, very enthusiastic and motivating! She keeps me moving, working my hardest and pushes me to the max!



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