Raw Body Burn
By Lauren Huffman
Branchville, NJ
YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! YES?!!! or YES!!!!!!!!
Lauren's programs are designed to burn fat, build muscle, and improve overall health and well being. Through diet and exercise, individuals will achieve weight loss, improve lean muscle mass, and athleticism. The Raw Body Programs not only transform bodies, but empower by building self confidence.

Lauren has been active in weight training, sports conditioning, physical fitness and has over a decade of training experience. She is a competitive marathoner and triathlete who trains in and outside the gym. Lauren's passion is helping people improve the quality of their lives through fitness.
Lauren loves a big snow storm, so she and her two children can build downhill sledding tracks through the woods to race on.


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  • at 1:57 am on 10.03.14
  • at 4:22 pm on 10.01.14
    It's 12:20EDT ---- the waiting is killing me! Win or lose you'll never be a flop to those who know & love you xox
  • at 4:21 pm on 10.01.14
  • at 2:50 pm on 10.01.14
    This is it - no matter what you are already a winner!!
  • at 2:34 pm on 10.01.14
    Today is the day!!
  • at 2:21 pm on 10.01.14
    Love you Lauren! Good luck!
  • at 2:10 pm on 10.01.14
    Good luck!
  • at 1:18 pm on 10.01.14
    Good luck Lauren!
  • at 1:10 pm on 10.01.14
    Good Luck Lauren!!
  • at 12:43 pm on 10.01.14
    Almost there! Hope you win!
  • at 11:45 am on 10.01.14
    Good Luck Lauren!
  • at 11:38 am on 10.01.14
    Best of luck!
  • at 11:06 am on 10.01.14
    I truly hope you're the one.
  • at 11:05 am on 10.01.14
    Good luck Lauren!!!
  • at 10:57 am on 10.01.14
    Able to vote one last time for the fabulous Lauren Huffman
  • at 10:35 am on 10.01.14
    Still voting and it's OCTOBER 1..... Well today is the day.... Those of us who have taken the challenge you offer are in the best shape of our lives and continue to stay that way. Thank you Lauren for being there for us from the beginning and even through the times we wanted to give up....
  • at 12:04 am on 10.01.14
    Good luck!!!!
  • at 11:35 pm on 9.30.14
    Good luck!!
  • at 11:26 pm on 9.30.14
    Wow it's finally here... The last day to vote. I certainly hope the judges see everything you have to offer the way your clients, fans, friends and family do.... Wishing good things for you Lauren.... #fitorflop
  • at 10:42 pm on 9.30.14
    Good luck Lauren! Good things should happen to good people!
  • at 9:39 pm on 9.30.14
    You run a mean workout. Wishing you all the best.
  • at 8:45 pm on 9.30.14
    Cheering you on Lauren - Certainly hoping you win!
  • at 5:49 pm on 9.30.14
    Dear Lauren- You are an inspiration. I cannot believe that you do all of this amazing exercise along with a full time job and raising two kids. You deserve this! I cannot wait to see you win. YAHOO
  • at 5:08 pm on 9.30.14
    Lauren helps her fitness students realize mental strength brings physical results. WE NEED HER!
  • at 5:05 pm on 9.30.14
    You got this!
  • at 5:04 pm on 9.30.14
    We're down to the wire and Szoke Schaeffer has the right idea... YES!
  • at 2:28 pm on 9.30.14
    Yes or Yes!
  • at 1:08 pm on 9.30.14
  • at 12:53 pm on 9.30.14
    I have everything crossed for you today!!!! Going to go cross fitness now! And you know I just crossed myself for you.
  • at 11:25 am on 9.30.14
    Go Lauren go. You are sre such an inspiration. You rock.
  • at 11:16 am on 9.30.14
    Fingers crossed. You deserve to win.
  • at 11:08 am on 9.30.14
    Last day to vote Good Luck Lauren and keep up the G-R-E-A-T work
  • at 2:56 am on 9.30.14
    Good luck and inspire others!
  • at 12:03 am on 9.30.14
    Backa again! We got your back Lauren!
  • at 4:51 pm on 9.29.14
    This month's choices = next month's body. Lauren lives it!
  • at 4:48 pm on 9.29.14
    Monday is another FIT day for Lauren!
  • at 4:25 pm on 9.29.14
    Good Luck Lauren, No one is more deserving than you.
  • at 2:57 pm on 9.29.14
    Go Lauren! You are so #fit!
  • at 2:56 pm on 9.29.14
  • at 2:56 pm on 9.29.14
    Go Laur!
  • at 2:15 pm on 9.29.14
    Go Lauren!
  • at 1:29 pm on 9.29.14
    Lauren is the clear choice!
  • at 1:25 pm on 9.29.14
    Go Lauren! You get my vote.
  • at 11:42 am on 9.29.14
    There is more to winning then just wanting to and Lauren knows that!... “Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.” – Bo Jackson
  • at 11:36 am on 9.29.14
    Lauren's workout routine makes it easy to a lot done in a short amount of time. Always a good thing - makes it hard to use the excuse "I don't have time".
  • at 11:31 am on 9.29.14
    Exercise is a little thing that makes a big difference !!! Lauren shows people how and they love it!
  • at 1:42 pm on 9.28.14
    Amazing to have a coach who is the personification of persistence and determination....Thanks Lauren #fitorflop
  • at 1:27 pm on 9.28.14
    Go Lauren! You have my vote!
  • at 1:16 pm on 9.28.14
    if lauren were wearing my fitbit it would explode!!!!!
  • at 1:02 pm on 9.28.14
    9:00 AM. Going to forget what my hair looks like. Baseball cap on. Going to forget if my clothes match and throw on my running shoes and head out for a morning run because I am sure Lauren already ran a marathon this am. Go Lauren!!!
  • at 12:38 pm on 9.28.14
    Another day, another challenge - Lauren never stops pushing herself to reach the next level, but she does is in a way that makes people want to follow her rather than fear her. The epitome of a role model!
  • at 11:25 am on 9.28.14
  • at 7:12 pm on 9.27.14
    Lauren has been an inspiration to all she meets, never mind trains! I aspire to be right behind her!!
  • at 7:07 pm on 9.27.14
    Lauren seems to be a person who is a positive role models in all age groups. She changed my daughters life in 4th grade as her teacher and watching her physical training progress has only encouraged me to keep pushing my physical fitness!!
  • at 5:57 pm on 9.27.14
    Every day Lauren lives the motto "the secret to getting ahead it getting started". For so many reasons she's an inspiration to MANY
  • at 5:55 pm on 9.27.14
    "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." so says Jim Rohn..... AND LAUREN HUFFMAN!!
  • at 5:13 pm on 9.27.14
    Lisa Arbolino's acrostic of very "FIT"ting of Lauren's style....
  • at 1:27 pm on 9.27.14
    Lauren's dedication to her program of fitness is pure excellence and her ability to inspire others in their fitness lives is beyond compare!! She is amazing and admirable - VOTE FIT - for Lauren!
  • at 12:35 pm on 9.27.14
    It's PRIDE in what she does P PASSION R RESPECT for those trying to become fit or maintain fitness I INVOLVEMENT Encouraging individuals to be involved in their own well being D DIGNITY Insuring that those who have strayed from fitness are treated with dignity and E EXCELLENCE as a fitness role model, coach, mentor and teacher. !!! She has it all....
  • at 12:25 pm on 9.27.14
    If the choice is to pick one - Fit or Flop - Lauren's way will be the FIT way every time. And she'll encourage all around her to chose the same.
  • at 12:23 pm on 9.27.14
    Lauren's way to FIT is what everyone needs!
  • at 11:35 am on 9.27.14
    It is her kindness and support that put her at the top.
  • at 11:19 am on 9.27.14
  • at 11:19 am on 9.27.14
    Lauren's endless hard work, kindness, and dedication that she invests in all, makes her such an amazing fitness coach. She leads by inspiration and example.
  • at 1:58 am on 9.27.14
    yeah baby!
  • at 1:58 am on 9.27.14
    yeah baby!
  • at 10:17 pm on 9.26.14
    Lauren does something or says something?? to make you want to be fit.. to make you want to make the effort and when you do she's there to see you through... She stands by her clients and friends who are working to become fit... What an inspiration!
  • at 7:07 pm on 9.26.14
  • at 12:20 pm on 9.26.14
    I love this sentence in Laurens statement....Lauren's passion is helping people improve the quality of their lives through fitness.
  • at 12:18 pm on 9.26.14
    Keep up the GREAT work Lauren
  • at 12:09 am on 9.26.14
    go go go
  • at 9:11 pm on 9.25.14
    Lauren leads by dedication and inspiration. She is an amazing fitness instructor and deserves to win.
  • at 4:14 pm on 9.25.14
  • at 4:13 pm on 9.25.14
    You're the best. I wish you luck because you really really deserve it.
  • at 2:38 pm on 9.25.14
    You've got this!
  • at 2:38 pm on 9.25.14
    WOOHOOO!!!! Go Laur! xoxo
  • at 11:24 am on 9.24.14
    If I could do more than vote to help Lauren win, I would, because if she wins she will help so many!
  • at 11:08 am on 9.24.14
    GOOOOOOOOO Lauren!!!!
  • at 10:37 am on 9.24.14
    do it
  • at 2:22 am on 9.24.14
    go lauren!
  • at 10:29 pm on 9.23.14
  • at 8:05 pm on 9.23.14
    Lets get FIT !!!!!
  • at 5:08 pm on 9.23.14
    GO LAUREN!!! you are so awesome
  • at 1:46 pm on 9.23.14
    Yay Lauren!!!
  • at 12:55 pm on 9.23.14
    Good luck!
  • at 12:32 pm on 9.23.14
    GO LAUREN!!!!
  • at 11:59 am on 9.23.14
    Your're the best. Good Luck
  • at 11:17 am on 9.23.14
    You can do this LAUREN HUFFMAN there is no one that deserves it more then you!
  • at 10:47 am on 9.23.14
  • at 3:00 am on 9.23.14
    Go Lauren!!!
  • at 3:00 am on 9.23.14
  • at 1:32 am on 9.23.14
  • at 7:11 pm on 9.22.14
    Go Lauren!
  • at 7:11 pm on 9.22.14
    Go Lauren!!!!
  • at 12:38 pm on 9.22.14
    ROCK IT!
  • at 11:04 am on 9.22.14
    I know you won't FALL behind because Summer is over....You never do! GO LAUREN!!!
  • at 12:42 am on 9.22.14
    Go Lauren! I'm rooting for you!
  • at 9:18 pm on 9.21.14
    Keep going strong!
  • at 4:23 pm on 9.21.14
    Good Luck!
  • at 3:23 pm on 9.21.14
    on your side because it is the right one.
  • at 2:01 pm on 9.21.14
    GO LAUREN !!!!!!
  • at 1:28 pm on 9.21.14
    Lauren! You are such an inspiration! You have this!
  • at 1:25 pm on 9.21.14
    Keep on Keepin on Lauren!!!!
  • at 12:46 pm on 9.21.14
    Wow, you are great!!! Good Luck!
  • at 8:07 pm on 9.20.14
    What a ride !!!
  • at 3:28 pm on 9.20.14
    Go lauren
  • at 11:38 am on 9.20.14
  • at 11:30 am on 9.20.14
    Keep it up LAUREN you are awesome
  • at 3:54 pm on 9.19.14
    love to see you where you belong at the top!
  • at 11:22 am on 9.19.14
    I agree with Maritza Schaeffer Lauren you are AwEsOmE and Inspiring!!!!!
  • at 10:45 am on 9.19.14
    Endurance every day...... You are awesome.
  • at 12:20 am on 9.19.14
    Any one who can do that crazy spider thing is really FIT !! WOW!
  • at 8:45 pm on 9.18.14
    Good Luck
  • at 6:44 pm on 9.18.14
    Lauren you're so awesome and inspiring!!!
  • at 2:56 pm on 9.18.14
  • at 1:04 pm on 9.18.14
    Vote early and daily.......Go Lauren!!
  • at 11:16 am on 9.18.14
    GO LAUREN!!!
  • at 10:31 am on 9.18.14
  • at 10:00 am on 9.18.14
    Lauren, you deserve it !
  • at 3:14 am on 9.18.14
  • at 2:57 am on 9.18.14
  • at 1:58 am on 9.18.14
  • at 9:26 pm on 9.17.14
    Erik E GO GIRL, HARD
  • at 8:25 pm on 9.17.14
    Your kickin it!!!! Good Luck!
  • at 6:43 pm on 9.17.14
    rock it!
  • at 5:34 pm on 9.17.14
  • at 4:35 pm on 9.17.14
    Looks great, Lauren! Well-executed!
  • at 2:47 pm on 9.17.14
    Rock on, Sister!
  • at 2:08 pm on 9.17.14
    Good luck
  • at 1:01 pm on 9.17.14
    Good Luck
  • at 1:00 pm on 9.17.14
  • at 12:10 pm on 9.17.14
    Go get em fit today!
  • at 11:59 am on 9.17.14
    We want this for you... You deserve it. Another indicator that work and persistence pays off......
  • at 8:47 am on 9.17.14
    Go Lisa!!
  • at 1:30 am on 9.17.14
    Lauren will rock this!!!!!!
  • at 11:26 pm on 9.16.14
    Yay Lauren!!
  • at 10:54 pm on 9.16.14
    Go Lauren!
  • at 7:23 pm on 9.16.14
  • at 5:48 pm on 9.16.14
    Lauren is the best :-)
  • at 5:45 pm on 9.16.14
  • at 5:44 pm on 9.16.14
    My sister can rock ANYONE's world! If your goal is to live life to the fullest while becoming fit & healthy in the process her fitness plan will work for you!
  • at 4:23 pm on 9.16.14
    Go Lauren!
  • at 3:07 pm on 9.16.14
    PUMP IT UP!!
  • at 1:56 pm on 9.16.14
    Yay Lauren!
  • at 1:28 pm on 9.16.14
    You go Girl
  • at 1:16 pm on 9.16.14
    Go LAUREN! Kick som butt!
  • at 12:50 pm on 9.16.14
    WOOHOOOO yes indeed FINAL ROUND!!!!!
  • at 11:13 am on 9.16.14
    If only the judges know what we all know.... YOU GO !!!
  • at 3:55 am on 9.16.14
    YAY are AMAZING!
  • at 4:09 pm on 9.15.14
    Best trainer EVER!!!!!
  • at 11:48 am on 9.15.14
    Go Lauren. You deserve it.
  • at 10:34 am on 9.15.14
    Keep it up Lauren.... What a motivator..
  • at 9:30 pm on 9.14.14
    Lauren you deserve to win!!!
  • at 2:11 pm on 9.14.14
  • at 11:54 am on 9.14.14
    Ya hooo!!! Get em fit!!!
  • at 8:21 pm on 9.13.14
    You got my vote! Go Lauren!
  • at 6:57 pm on 9.12.14
    Always an inspiration! Yay Lauren!
  • at 6:50 pm on 9.12.14
    WOOOHOOOO go Lauren!!!
  • at 12:24 pm on 7.31.14
    ALWAYS gives her best!!!! ❤
  • at 12:45 pm on 7.30.14
    Fit fit every way
  • at 11:43 am on 7.30.14
    GO LAUREN!!!!!
  • at 1:46 am on 7.29.14
    Go Lauren!!!!!
  • at 6:31 pm on 7.28.14
    Such an inspiration! Way to kill it in the triathlon !!!!
  • at 11:35 am on 7.28.14
    Way to go!!! Awesome job in the triathlon!!!
  • at 6:06 pm on 7.27.14
    GO LAUREN!!!!!
  • at 11:52 am on 7.26.14
    Lauren's energy and enthusiasm are contagious!
  • at 7:02 pm on 7.25.14
    You're so awesome and inspiring Lauren!
  • at 7:00 pm on 7.25.14
    Lauren, Lauren, she's got fans. If she can't do it no one can!!
  • at 4:16 pm on 7.25.14
    You've got this!!!!!
  • at 3:57 pm on 7.25.14
    Go Lauren!
  • at 12:23 pm on 7.25.14
    Keep up the GREAT inspirational work Lauren
  • at 11:03 am on 7.22.14
    An inspiration to all!!!!!!
  • at 10:42 am on 7.22.14
    The judges should have heard you in class last night. You totally crack us up as you inspire and pull us on.
  • at 10:52 am on 7.20.14
    Helplessly devoted to being Fit for all seasons not just beach season
  • at 10:37 am on 7.20.14
    It's true.
  • at 12:26 pm on 7.19.14
    Spent time at the beach with Lauren and she surely does own a Beach Body! Her RAW BODY BURN method works and I'm not talking about the Burn from the sun! 🌞🌞🌞
  • at 12:25 pm on 7.19.14
    Spent time at the beach with Lauren and she surely does own a Beach Body! Her RAW BODY BURN method works and I'm not talking about the Burn from the sun! 🌞🌞🌞
  • at 12:05 pm on 7.19.14
  • at 10:59 am on 7.19.14
    If her sister can say that about her then the world will for sure.
  • at 12:35 pm on 7.18.14
    She's a wife, mother, 4th grade teacher, marathon rummer, triathlete, Body Pump & Body Combat coach, Beach Body Coach, and MORE. This chick (my sister) has a waiting list for her classes and having the clout of Apogee Media marketing her brand will help her send MANY more people down the road of a stronger, healthier body. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LAUREN!!!
  • at 12:23 pm on 7.18.14
    Lauren constantly amazes me with her endless energy.
  • at 11:21 am on 7.18.14
    Always has a positive attitude!!!
  • at 11:38 pm on 7.17.14
    Lauren ran the 2014 Boston Marathon like a champion and will continue to set the national example for fitness as a trainer, while connecting with even the most novice clients…she is the universal role model and transformative trainer!!!
  • at 7:37 pm on 7.17.14
    Lauren is an awesome trainer!!!! Love her energy and attention to client form. Always a challenging workout!!! Always look forward to a workout with her!!!
  • at 2:43 pm on 7.17.14
  • at 12:44 pm on 7.17.14
    Lauren's got the magic.
  • at 5:27 pm on 7.16.14
    Lauren rocks!
  • at 1:05 pm on 7.16.14
    When you're ready to take your fitness plan to the next level give Lauren a call... she'll motivate you into the best condition of your life!
  • at 11:55 am on 7.16.14
    Looking fit and strong. Keep going!!!
  • at 11:40 am on 7.16.14
    The way you do this makes it a lifestyle change, not a blip on the screen. It has to be fun and reasonable or it doesn't get done.
  • at 10:25 am on 7.16.14
    Always inspires others to push harder and achieve more!!!!
  • at 9:51 pm on 7.15.14
  • at 12:11 pm on 7.15.14
    Lauren helps all of her students and athlete trainees recognize that "there will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers, and then there will YOU, proving them wrong". (quoted from Maximillian Barry) She does this by walking her talk and proving it with her own lifestyle.
  • at 10:21 am on 7.15.14
    Lauren Huffman was Made 4 Motion! Goooo Lauren 🎯
  • at 11:18 pm on 7.14.14
    Awesome!!! Positive energy!!!!
  • at 6:03 pm on 7.14.14
    AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!!
  • at 11:06 am on 7.14.14
    Positive spirit
  • at 11:55 pm on 7.13.14
    Get it girl! You're a beast! Awesome trainer and inspiration to everyone around you!!!
  • at 9:16 pm on 7.13.14
    Lauren Huffman is a professional and innovative trainer that truly understands people and what motivates them to excel. Her keen insight into the human element of fitness comes from the core of her character as an athlete, teacher and mom. Lauren is humble as an endurance athletic prodigy, while connecting with her clients at a personal level that builds work ethic and confidence.
  • at 1:09 pm on 7.13.14
  • at 1:09 pm on 7.13.14
    Awesome trainer!!!
  • at 11:43 am on 7.13.14
    Lauren's middle name is MOTIVATION......Go LMH!
  • at 11:32 am on 7.13.14
    A great exercise is one that you will do! Lauren always finds that exercise, then sucks you in with her fun attitude. She deserves this win.
  • at 10:56 am on 7.13.14
    INSPIRATION !!!!!!!!
  • at 10:46 pm on 7.12.14
    Lauren is the best!!
  • at 10:25 am on 7.11.14
    You can do it Yes & Yes
  • at 1:35 am on 7.11.14
  • at 11:41 pm on 7.10.14
    Your an inspiration !!
  • at 4:19 pm on 7.10.14
    Respect your limits, but destroy your boundaries! Way to go Lauren!
  • at 3:04 pm on 7.10.14
    Kickin butt & takin names - and fitness students LOVE her for it. Lauren rocks!
  • at 2:02 pm on 7.10.14
    You go girl!
  • at 10:46 am on 7.10.14
    Keep up the GREAT work Lauren🏆
  • at 10:18 am on 7.10.14
    We're behind ya, as usual !
  • at 10:48 pm on 7.09.14
    If this is the competion, you ain't got no competition!
  • at 7:21 pm on 7.08.14
    You drive so many people to push themselves to be fit and healthy. You truly walk (run!) your talk!
  • at 5:26 pm on 7.08.14
    You are such an inspiration!!
  • at 2:37 am on 7.08.14
    You've got this Lauren!
  • at 12:57 am on 7.08.14
    Go Lauren!
  • at 2:33 pm on 7.07.14
    Lauren walks the talk. She turned her body and fitness level around in such a way as to be an inspiration to many both in and out of the fitness studio. Her Fit Forever program would be a benefit to everyone fortunate to train under her high energy attitude.
  • at 11:16 pm on 7.06.14
    I just watched your episode again and thought it was kind of funny because you normally do tell everyone what muscle group we are working with every exercise we do!!!! You must have been nervous!!!! Thanks for making me work to my ability and teaching me a little anatomy at the same time!!!
  • at 5:06 pm on 7.06.14
    You go Lauren! Josh and I are hard at it, but not keeping up with you yet! Very proud of Lauren out here in IOWA!!!!
  • at 11:06 am on 7.06.14
    While I am sitting here in front of my computer Lauren is probably swimming across the lake! Inspirational!
  • at 5:25 pm on 7.05.14
    Fantastic,good luck!
  • at 3:49 pm on 7.05.14
    Lauren is amazing and inspirational!
  • at 3:41 pm on 7.05.14
    Lauren is amazing!! Good luck!!
  • at 2:20 pm on 7.05.14
    LOVE Lauren!!! She is such an inspiration! Awesome instructor!!
  • at 10:22 am on 7.05.14
    Lauren never misses a day, she is Fit Fit Fit
  • Sandra Sica at 9:22 pm on 7.04.14
    Lauren is the ultimate inspiration for all
  • at 3:05 pm on 7.04.14
    Lauren motivates both men and women from the "core" of the body, mind and spirit. Her constant encouragement is one of the reasons why we all fight for a spot in her class!!!! She is the complete package!!!!!
  • at 10:03 am on 7.04.14
    RAW is truly FIT
  • at 10:01 am on 7.04.14
    I have know Lauren for many years and one thing is certain....when she says "yes" she means "YES"
  • at 7:16 pm on 7.03.14
    Lauren is a truely FIT inspiration!
  • at 11:28 am on 7.03.14
    Lauren is perfection!
  • at 10:01 am on 7.03.14
    Lauren is a great instructor and mentor. Her classes are filled with so much energy, I look forward to them every week. Also, she is extremely informative on any fitness question and takes her time to listen and give good advice. I love her positive energy. I was doing my first 10K a few months ago and Lauren took time out of her busy schedule to come see me finish, it meant a lot to me! Your awesome Lauren, lots of luck! :)
  • at 12:19 am on 7.03.14
    Lauren is an amazing instructor!! Her enthusiasm is contagious and motivates everyone in her fitness class! Lots of luck Lauren!
  • at 8:44 pm on 7.02.14
    I've known Lauren just about a year & I'm so excited to train with her! She is very motivating and excited about helping others achieve their goals.
  • at 6:18 pm on 7.02.14
    Lauren is an awesome fitness instructor! Her classes are packed with energy and motivation! She has helped and motivated me to become a more fit person! You rock Lauren! Best of luck to you!
  • at 5:31 pm on 7.02.14
    The most positive and energetic person I know. Bouncy lady who loves life and let's you know it.
  • at 1:01 am on 7.02.14
    Lauren has motivated me through my 148 lb weight loss journey. She is amazing, I look forward to her classes. Thank you Lauren, you have helped me change my life.
  • at 11:54 pm on 7.01.14
  • at 11:50 pm on 7.01.14
    Lauren pushes me more than any other trainer and is an incredible role model who practices what she preaches. She emulates strength, health and perseverance. Her workouts are treats!!
  • at 5:37 pm on 7.01.14
    Lauren makes me smile and laugh and love to be outside running around Culver Lake! She is always smiling and offering positive support. She is amazing as an athlete but also as a person! She is a great friend and enthusiastically encourages me with my running. Go Lauren! We passed on the road this morning while running and as always, Lauren says something to me that makes me feel good about myself. SHe has a real knack!
  • at 1:53 am on 6.20.14
    Lauren is a fabulous role model and a positive spirit. She is always encouraging and inspiring and makes me stick with a workout, even on days I could and would never do it on my own. A good workout is one you will do. Lauren provides a great workout because she makes it a positive experience and I actually do it - because of Lauren.
  • at 2:44 am on 4.22.14
    I use Lauren's workout to build my core using my basic body weight as resistance. As an Army Ranger, marathon runner and advanced fitness trainer myself, I get big gains from her motivating, high intensity routine. Oh, and she's one of the most fit trainers I've ever met blending raw power and definition without surrounding her femininity. Her workouts are equally challenging for men as women and she is an excellent communicator on technique. Definitely FIT!!!
  • at 3:53 am on 3.02.14
    OHHH yesssss
  • at 4:18 am on 2.22.14
    Amazing and motivating trainer. LOVE her workouts!
  • at 3:23 am on 1.31.14
    Great all body workout. Really kick ass! Can't wait to try it!
  • at 12:31 am on 1.31.14
    A role model for health and fitness.
  • at 12:22 am on 1.31.14
  • at 11:56 pm on 1.30.14
    you inspire many..
  • at 11:40 pm on 1.30.14
    Love your style....
  • at 8:33 pm on 1.28.14
  • at 11:52 pm on 1.05.14
    Good Luck Lauren! You got this :)
  • at 11:58 am on 1.04.14
    Lauren is a phenomenon! Pure joy! The best!
  • at 1:35 am on 1.04.14
    WOO HOO!!!!! You got this Lauren!!! :)
  • at 4:21 am on 1.03.14
    Lauren is motivational and inspiring! Awesome workout! Works the whole group and individualizes it as well. Lauren encourages everyone to exceed their potential. Absolutely an exhilarating workout experience!
  • at 3:38 am on 1.03.14
    Fantastic trainer, easily motivates others to exercise and reach their goals. Is inspirational and has created a following.... THUMBS UP.....
  • at 1:17 pm on 1.02.14
    Lauren encompasses ALL qualities of a fantastic personal trainer, and then some! #1 Holds Certification and Education. #2 Watches Clients Closely. #3 Networks with Medical Professionals. #4 Understands Programming. #5 Understands Evaluation. #6 Stays Current, but Avoids Gimmicks. #7 Keeps Personal Testimonial in Check. #8 Upholds Communication. #9 Has the Experience. #10 Presents Compatibility and Reliability. Anyone interested in bettering their physical well-being would benefit greatly by having Lauren involved with reaching their fitness goals.
  • at 12:46 am on 12.23.13
    Good Luck!!
  • at 2:28 pm on 12.22.13
    LAUREN U ROCK!!!! You always push and motivate each and every person and ALWAYS with HUGE smile!! U GOT THIS GIRL!!! GET 'EM!! :)
  • at 2:45 am on 12.21.13
    You are fierce!!!! What an inspiration! You go Lauren!!!
  • at 2:36 am on 12.20.13
    Lauren is amazing!! She is the reason I have become an avid runner and have learned to love exercise. She is the best motivator you will ever find, she makes everyone in her class feel they can do anything. Her support goes beyond the gym and into the community. Good luck LAUREN HUFFMAN! YOU ROCK!!!!
  • at 11:00 pm on 12.17.13
    Great motivator!! Love your energy!! Go Lauren!!
  • at 9:25 pm on 12.17.13
    You are such an amazing energetic friend!! Good Luck!!! Woooo Hoooooo!!!!
  • at 3:43 pm on 12.17.13
    Yes!!! Go Lauren!!
  • at 2:04 pm on 12.17.13
    WOO HOO!!! Good luck xooxo
  • at 12:32 pm on 12.17.13
    Go for it Laura and good luck to you!
  • at 3:45 am on 12.17.13
    Go Lauren! You are one of the most motivating trainers I know! You can do this - yes, or yes??
  • at 12:07 am on 12.17.13
  • at 11:18 pm on 12.14.13
    Lauren is a fabulous trainer..I enjoy taking her classes, she's personable, outgoing, energetic and very determined. Lauren cares about individuals goals and always takes time out to answer any fitness questions. She truly cares about helping others in accomplishing their goals to become fit and healthy!!!! YES!!!!!!!
  • at 3:33 am on 12.13.13
    Amazing trainer! She motivates me to push myself! Yes or yes! No excuses!
  • at 2:47 am on 12.13.13



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