Kettlebell CardioTM
By Joe Vennare

Combining an extensive knowledge of innovative training methods, with a background in athletic competition and an engaging personality; Joe serves as the lead presenter for fitness certification seminars, a writer for numerous websites and publications and an ambassador for various fitness brands. As co-creator of the nationally recognized group fitness program Kettlebell Cardio Joe provides training and consulting services for fitness professionals and facilities. When he is not working, Joe is a sponsored multi-sport athlete training for or competing in triathlons, ultra-marathons and obstacle course races.

Professional Certifications & Credentials:
• National Academy of Sports Medicine, Performance Enhancement Specialist
• USA Weight Lifting Sports Performance Coach
• CrossFit Level I Instructor
• Kettlebell Cardio Instructor
• National Strength and Conditioning Association Registered Education Provider
• American Council on Exercise Registered Education Provider

QUOTE:  I live by the words Endure, Overcome, Domination. These words have become my personal philosophy, inspiring me to create my own success in life, training and business. This philosophy took form when my father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. After more than a year of treatment and unwavering perseverance on his behalf, my father was lost to this disease. From that point on it has been my personal mission to create something of value for others that motivates and encourages action. With each article or workout that I write I hope to provide readers with simple and effective concepts that they can easily apply to their training and lives.
FUN FACT:  My younger brother Anthony and I own and operate 3 fitness related companies. In addition to Kettlebell Cardio, we have created Hybrid Athlete and Race Day Domination. Individually, we are just regular guys with good ideas, together we form some kind of super-human capable of creating and taking a product or program to market overnight.



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