By James Howell
Los Angeles, CA
"What's the point of working out if you dont put a show on!"
James Howell is highly recognized all over the world for his amazing talent in running track. He is currently training in Los Angeles for the 2016 Rio Olympics. While training, James also motivates kids and adults through fitness.

James started a fitness company called Convenient Fun Fitness; which works with elementary, middle, and high schools (training students and staff). CF Fitness has been recognized by the White House for its innovative and beneficial methods of making fitness convenient and fun for all ages, genders, and/or backgrounds. CF Fitness focuses on keeping children interested and knowledgeable about nutrition and being active in the same sense that Michelle Obama’s “Play 60” and “Let’s Move” programs do.

James currently travels the U.S with CF Fitness teaching his X-cellorator workout. The X-cellorator program is based off the same principals as CF Fitness, and adds the characteristic of speed. The X-cellorator philosophy James lives by and teaches is; I'M FAST, THE WORKOUT IS FAST, & THE RESULTS ARE FAST! When he is not traveling the U.S he hosts a huge X-cellorator fitness class at UCLA and throughout Southern California for people of all ages.

CF Fitness and the X-cellorator program and philosophy has been featured on CBS and in high profile magazines like GQ, DETAILS, and Muscle & Fitness, as well as many other fitness magazines.

James likes to keep training convenient and fun with CF Fitness while obtaining fast results in a short amount of time with the X-celorator program. And of course; after you get through the workout and see your results, you have to “SHOW OUT!!!”
-5 time NCAA Track&Field All-American -Finished top 3 in the USA indoor Track&Field Championships -All of his clients leave feeling happy, healthy, and confident.


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  • at 9:20 am on 9.18.14
    Inspiring for body and soul.
  • at 7:19 pm on 9.12.14
    One of the most inspiring athletes I know of. Go James!
  • at 4:11 am on 8.07.14
  • at 6:59 pm on 7.14.14
    Always good to see an athlete inspire kiddos in a positive way! Stay Fast James!!
  • at 3:38 am on 5.01.14
  • at 3:35 am on 5.01.14
    you give use little guys hope. Fit
  • at 3:21 am on 5.01.14
  • at 3:13 am on 5.01.14
  • at 2:48 am on 5.01.14
    This routine really helps me and my staff get in tip top shape
  • at 2:38 am on 5.01.14
    great job
  • at 2:24 am on 5.01.14
  • at 2:15 am on 5.01.14
    James keep on pushing
  • at 2:11 am on 5.01.14
  • at 1:23 am on 5.01.14
  • at 12:57 am on 5.01.14
  • at 9:12 pm on 4.30.14
    Good insight into fitness as well health, he lives, sleeps, and speaks success. King James reigns supreme!!!!!
  • at 6:42 pm on 4.30.14
    like his thoughts on fitness, after a weekend we spended together speaking and it has help me to see the difference it what I do on my own.
  • at 5:59 pm on 4.30.14
  • at 5:48 pm on 4.30.14
  • at 5:38 pm on 4.30.14
    You Go James
  • at 5:29 pm on 4.30.14
    That's my boi
  • at 5:22 pm on 4.30.14
    My Angelo State friend
  • at 5:15 pm on 4.30.14
  • at 5:12 pm on 4.30.14
  • at 5:11 pm on 4.30.14
    win win win james. you got my vote
  • at 5:06 pm on 4.30.14
    my favorite
  • at 5:03 pm on 4.30.14
    he is a god trainer
  • at 4:55 pm on 4.30.14
  • at 4:54 pm on 4.30.14
  • at 4:49 pm on 4.30.14
    this is so new generation
  • at 4:47 pm on 4.30.14
  • at 4:42 pm on 4.30.14
  • at 4:33 pm on 4.30.14
  • at 7:40 am on 4.30.14
    Hands down a Fit
  • at 5:48 am on 4.30.14
  • at 4:42 am on 4.30.14
    i have a 10 pack =D
  • at 4:14 am on 4.30.14
  • at 3:00 am on 4.30.14
    You better go Boy
  • at 2:57 am on 4.30.14
  • at 2:27 am on 4.30.14
    continue to put God first and you always finish first stay focus!
  • at 4:29 am on 4.29.14
    I see this all over the T.V stations.
  • at 12:40 am on 4.28.14
    I see the vision and support it 100%. Great work
  • at 9:27 pm on 4.27.14
    So Ripped. I have to try this.
  • at 9:15 pm on 4.27.14
    Keep up the great fitness routines Bro
  • at 4:41 pm on 4.24.14
    I can see this at so many schools with the kids as well.
  • at 4:30 pm on 4.24.14
  • at 4:50 pm on 4.23.14
    Nice and full of energy
  • at 4:56 am on 4.23.14
  • at 4:50 am on 4.23.14
    Run all the way to first place James
  • at 11:13 am on 4.22.14
  • at 11:09 am on 4.22.14
    This workout gets you ripped.
  • at 5:38 am on 4.21.14
    Keep up the energy my brotha.
  • at 5:38 am on 4.21.14
    Keep up the energy my brotha.
  • at 5:36 am on 4.21.14
  • at 11:50 pm on 4.19.14
    Never sweated so much in my life. This is a Fit in my books.
  • at 11:42 pm on 4.19.14
    I want to this implemented at more school sites. Love it
  • at 11:31 pm on 4.19.14
    I would totally recommend this workout for everyone to try. Team James
  • at 11:27 pm on 4.19.14
    VOTE for James he is a awesome role model
  • at 3:56 am on 4.19.14
    Now that's how you go green using socks.
  • at 3:49 am on 4.19.14
  • at 3:43 am on 4.19.14
  • at 4:07 am on 4.18.14
    Show Out
  • at 3:11 am on 4.17.14
    James works are school out and he is really full of energy.
  • at 3:06 am on 4.17.14
    Rio 2016. You just gained a fan.
  • at 2:59 am on 4.17.14
    Me and my kids love this routine
  • at 2:55 am on 4.17.14
    You go Boy
  • at 6:26 am on 4.16.14
    The Michele Obama comment was very brave and true. I like this young mans confidence.
  • at 6:19 am on 4.16.14
    I remember watching him on CBS. SHOW OUT, SHOW OUT you got my vote
  • at 6:07 am on 4.16.14
    This little dude is fast, I raced him in college and he is every bit of fast.
  • at 6:03 am on 4.16.14
    FIT, FIT, FIT.
  • at 5:58 am on 4.16.14
    James has an amazing body. Keep up the hard work Rio Olympics 2016
  • at 5:56 am on 4.16.14
    Had to go to work and I need it a quick fast workout. This workout really came in handy
  • at 12:53 am on 4.13.14
    James has a workout that is fun and for all ages
  • at 2:46 am on 4.10.14
    James Howell is awesome. Can't wait to see a workout DVD
  • at 3:36 am on 4.09.14
    Your workouts are amazing and I notice the difference as soon as I started doing your signature moves. You have my vote.
  • at 3:29 am on 4.09.14
    this guy is really fast
  • at 5:02 am on 4.03.14



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