Healthy Habits
By Tiffany Jackson
New York City, NY
"Motivation is what gets you started, habits is what keeps you going."
Tiffany is a model, blogger and former Division 1 athlete. She believes that you do not have to spend hours in the gym, a lot of money for a personal trainer or deprive yourself from food to get the body you desire. Healthy Habits was created for those who simply want to live a healthy lifestyle. She targets mostly woman from stay at home moms, to professional athletes. Tiffany understands that all aspiring woman who wants to be healthy and physically fit, is a work in progress and that you get there little at a time, not all at once. If you wake up with determination, you will go to bed with sanctification. The Healthy Habit workout are easy but challenging. Tiffany also provides healthy meals because you are what you eat. So don't be fast, easy, cheap, or fake! To stay healthy and fit you must listen to your body and stay positive. One positive thought can change your whole day! So make it a HABIT to get HEALTHY!
Tiffany played Division 1 basketball at Tennessee State University for 4 years before moving to NYC and becoming a full time fashion model.


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