By Igor
Trumbull, CT
Our health is the only thing that will always matter and therefore : "In a healthy body lives a healthy soul"
I grew up in Eastern Europe, and moved to the USA 7 years ago. I hold a black belt in Taekwondo and I also did breakdancing for a few years which allowed me to travel and compete all over Europe. At age 20, I joined the Special Forces and immediately after that I became a personal trainer. For the past 7 years I've helped a lot of clients reach their goals, whether it was a 50 year old looking to lose weight and get healthy, or a 12 year old looking to build muscle and make his hockey team. Clients goals are my number one priority and I always make sure that we are a team. I cover every single corner of the game including a full work out guide on a day to day basis, diet plan and supplement plan. I don't believe in shortcuts, good results take time so patience is key.

I am currently in the top 5 out of 150 personal trainers in our company which is the number one leading Fitness Club in Connecticut. Along with one on one personal training, I also teach group classes such as: Special Ops, Extreme Core, Interval, Flex, Kettle bell, TRX, Insanity and of course my favorite Youth Fitness 365.

Youth Fitness 365 class is a class I created for kids ages 6-12 years old. It teaches them everything from proper warm up, stretching, exercises, knowledge of muscle groups, fitness games and nutrition. I am proud to say that my kids are very informed when it comes to health and fitness.

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I am a big sneaker and movie collector.Most of my free time I dedicate to my Fiancé and my crazy cat.I am also big animal lover.


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  • at 2:11 pm on 10.01.14
    FIT! Go Igor!
  • at 12:10 am on 10.01.14
    I am definitely one who wishes I had had this type of fitness exposure and knowledge passed onto me when I was a kid! It wouldn't have taken me until my 40's to start getting it right! Kudos to the 365 kids...They will have all the advantage for a healthier lifestyle early on. And thanks to Igor for getting it right! Go 365.....You deserve this win!!!
  • at 11:46 pm on 9.30.14
    Thank you Igor for 365 and what this program is giving to our children! FIT!!!!!!
  • at 9:31 pm on 9.30.14
    FIT for the WIN!!!! GO Igor.....this one's all yours!
  • at 9:29 pm on 9.30.14
    365 Has become more than just a has become a new lifestyle for these kids. Thanks to Igor's supportive and enthusiastic environment, their exposure to fitness will be a positive one from early on. Go Igor......our vote is with you & your 365 movement!! Let's help Igor introduce it to the rest of our nation!
  • at 8:46 pm on 9.30.14
    Igor's 365 class...where they work hard, then play harder! So nice to see the children enjoy a great motivator......Thanks for bringing the love of fitness to our children Igor!!! Everyone should be as lucky!
  • at 8:29 pm on 9.30.14
    Team IGOR/365 all the way!!! Truly the best vote out there!!! Go Igor...FIT!
  • at 8:24 pm on 9.30.14
    Igor & 365 Youth Fitness......A win/win combo for all! GO Igor....FIT!!
  • at 8:18 pm on 9.30.14
    Time to bring 365 nationwide! What a great & innovative way to keep kids active & build a love for a life of fitness. Igor is a down to earth and genuine guy. So nice to have someone invest so much of their time into the wellness of others. I can't think of a better person to win this contest. He truly is an all around fitness star in every time to make him America's Next Fitness Star!!! FIT for Igor!!!
  • at 7:53 pm on 9.30.14
    Youth Fitness 365 is the way to go! A big FIT for Igor!!
  • at 7:51 pm on 9.30.14
    Great person and hard worker! VOTE and FIT for 365!
  • at 2:00 pm on 9.30.14
    Igor has been a great influence on my stepson's path to a healthy lifestyle. He's an excellent role model and the kids love him!!!
  • at 1:11 pm on 9.30.14
    FIT for IGOR!!!
  • at 1:09 pm on 9.30.14
    Thank-you Igor, for all your hard work and dedication to a cause you are so passionate about! FIT!
  • at 1:06 pm on 9.30.14
    100% behind an amazing 365 teacher!!!! So deserving of this Igor!!! FIT
  • at 1:02 pm on 9.30.14
    GO Igor!!! FIT to WIN IT!!!!!
  • at 12:56 pm on 9.30.14
    FIT for IGOR!!!!!! A true & genuine person who deserves this win. Let's do it for Igor, and let's do it for the future well being of our children!!! FIT FIT FIT!!!!
  • at 12:48 pm on 9.30.14
    Children are our if we want to remain the epidemic obese society that we are now...then we need only to carry on. If we want to change that, then Igor's program is spot on. 365 has the power to educate the children while they are young. Give them a foundation of building appreciate bodies they live in, the well balanced foods they can choose, and to develop a healthy appreciation for an active lifestyle. It doesn't start by sitting in front of the electronics as provided by today's computer age. Time to change up the sedimentary lifestyle that technology has brought us. 365 has the ability to reach out to young America and make this happen. This truly is the best program for children. The time to start is NOW! Vote for Igor.....Let's make this happen!!!!!
  • at 12:26 pm on 9.30.14
  • at 4:57 am on 9.30.14
    FIT for Igor!
  • at 12:08 am on 9.30.14
    The best program for children! Vote for Igor!
  • at 11:21 pm on 9.29.14
    Fighting the obesity epidemic in children needs to be be a top priority in this country. Thank you, Igor, for offering kids a program that's fun and challenging and teaches them about exercise, good health, nutrition, and confidence! You deserve to win!
  • at 8:56 pm on 9.29.14
    A true friend with a heart of gold. We couldn't be more proud with what you have already done for 365....can't wait to see where this takes you! You deserve this! FIT FOR IGOR!!!!!
  • at 8:48 pm on 9.29.14
    My vote is for Igor....It's all about the dedication, the knowledge, the drive to to make people change their lifestyles for the better. Igor always gives 100% to his clients and kids...that is what sets him a step above the rest!
  • at 8:40 pm on 9.29.14 the new direction America needs to follow! Fit for Igor...FIT for the WIN!!!
  • at 8:36 pm on 9.29.14
    CT couldn't be prouder!!! Way to go Igor...FIT!!!!
  • at 8:30 pm on 9.29.14
    Let's go the homestretch now....You are right where you deserve to be!
  • at 8:07 pm on 9.29.14
    Igor and his 365 movement deserve your vote! FIT!!!!
  • at 7:59 pm on 9.29.14
    FIT for IGOR!!!! He deserves to win this! Way to go Igor!
  • at 7:50 pm on 9.29.14
    Igor helps his 365 children see that fitness can bring about a fun and rewarding lifestyle! No wonder those kids are always smiling after they've just spent a good hour giving it their all!
  • at 7:33 pm on 9.29.14
    Igor is passionate about taking on childhood obesity. I truly believe his mission of starting children on the fitness path early on, will not only benefit them with a healthier physical lifestyle, but also give them the knowledge to make more informed nutritional choices. Childhood obesity is out of control right now...but Igor's 365 movement has the remarkable potential to start reversing this ugly trend. I vote a big FIT for Igor & 365....let's start these kids moving down the road, more generations will chose to follow as well. Knowledge is power!
  • at 6:58 pm on 9.29.14
    Igor is a knowledgeable and skilled trainer, and it is no surprise that he is always 100% committed to helping others. It's hard to find genuine trainers these days, who truly have a passion about what they do! You Rock Igor!!! And we are lucky to have you around!
  • at 6:48 pm on 9.29.14
    Igor is a creative & energetic individual, and this is the reason why he is so motivating to his 365 kids. He has an amazing ability to always find fun-filled work-out's, and to provide the children with a positive approach to a life-long love of fitness.
  • at 1:22 pm on 9.29.14
    There is no doubt that the top 10 contestants are good at what they do. What distinguishes IGOR and Youth Fitness 365 from the pack is the PRO-ACTIVE approach to the obesity epidemic in America. IGOR's solution will help the next generation reduce if not eliminate obesity completely. I VOTE FIT for IGOR and Youth Fitness 365!
  • at 3:31 am on 9.29.14
    Fit for Igor!!
  • at 3:26 am on 9.29.14
    Fit Fit Fit......There is only one clear way to vote!!!!!! Fit Fit Fit
  • at 3:21 am on 9.29.14
    365 & Igor.....a win/win situation!! Great job Igor!
  • at 3:18 am on 9.29.14
    You are a champion to all of us! Great Job Igor! FIT to WIN!
  • at 3:10 am on 9.29.14
    365 teaches kids an important message.....Start young, carry healthy habits with you throughout your life. A fun and innovating way to get kids going in the right direction before obesity becomes an epidemic for them! Way to go Igor!
  • at 3:02 am on 9.29.14
    Vote for Igor............365 all the way to the top!!! FIT
  • at 2:59 am on 9.29.14
    Thanks for taking our best interest at heart. Proud to call you my friend! Good Luck Igor!!!!
  • at 2:55 am on 9.29.14
    Igor is so deserving of this win. He is an amazing trainer, and more importantly a true friend to everyone.
  • at 2:44 am on 9.29.14
    100% Fit!!! GO IGOR!!!
  • at 1:55 am on 9.29.14
    365 is what children need. Very beneficial! VOTE FIT for Igor!
  • at 1:48 am on 9.29.14
    FIT for Igor! Great program for children!
  • at 1:40 am on 9.29.14
    Vote for Igor and 365!
  • at 2:21 am on 9.28.14
    In Igor's fit or flop video, you are introduced to the importance of targeting the youth with fitness & nutrition. Keep in mind, you only see part of his wonderful group. Though only 4 of his amazing students are present, back home he has a whole entire group of enthusiastic & amazing 365 kids. Each week, Igor gives them 110%, and each week they give 110% back. They push themselves to the limit, and are proud to demonstrate all they have learned. They have built a self confidence like no other. And without fail, they always leave with smiles on their faces, looking forward to the next class. They are proud of their hard work, and clearly enjoy all the knowledge Igor fills them with. No doubt he has made a lasting impression on this group. They review muscle groups, fitness and nutrition. They discuss the likes of carbs, proteins, sugars, fats, etc. They discuss food labels, and how to tell if a food is healthy or not for you. He has instilled them with the gift of health....and better yet, the concept of learning & loving fitness at a young age! So many times I've heard adults say, "If only I had heard about that, or had been taught that as a child!" Thanks to Igor, this 365 group has developed an important foundation which will benefit them for the rest of their lives. They will be fortunate enough to grow up making better choices and being fit. Judges, I hope you take into consideration this huge potential, which could help make a dent in today's ongoing obesity epidemic. Igor's dedication, hard work, & selfless drive to help others is never ending. He is truly a genuine & fabulous trainer. His huge following speaks volumes! Thanks our eyes, you already are America's Fitness Star! You are so deserving of this. FIT all the way!!!!
  • at 1:26 am on 9.28.14
    The children are our future and so is 365!
  • at 1:20 am on 9.28.14
  • at 7:54 pm on 9.27.14
    Vote for Igor!!!
  • at 7:53 pm on 9.27.14
    So deserving of it all Igor......FIT!
  • at 7:50 pm on 9.27.14
    365 has the power and so much potential to change the way the youth see fitness & nutrition today. Such an important concept to help curb the obesity epidemic in America. You are 100% fit in our eyes Igor!
  • at 7:46 pm on 9.27.14
    Igor has been an inspiration from day one. A trainer who truly cares about the people he works with. A true leader by example. FIT FOR IGOR!!!!!
  • at 7:39 pm on 9.27.14
    Thanks for the inspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle.....FIT for IGOR!!!!!!!
  • at 7:34 pm on 9.27.14
    Bring it on home Igor......we're right there with you! FIT!!
  • at 2:36 am on 9.27.14
  • at 2:32 am on 9.27.14
    We support you and 365! Go Igor!
  • at 2:29 am on 9.27.14
    365 is the best! FIT for Igor
  • at 8:36 pm on 9.26.14
  • at 8:33 pm on 9.26.14
    We support Igor and his 365 youth fitness class. What an amazing and positive message for the youth!
  • at 8:10 pm on 9.26.14
    Igor and 365 all the way!!! FIT!
  • at 8:01 pm on 9.26.14
    When you give 110%, you always come out on top!
  • at 7:50 pm on 9.26.14
    Igor is in it to WIN IT!!!! Go Igor!
  • at 7:25 pm on 9.26.14
    Igor, you were meant to be America's Next Fitness Star!!! We're all behind you!!!!
  • at 7:22 pm on 9.26.14
    Vote for Igor!!! FIT FIT FIT
  • at 7:19 pm on 9.26.14
    Igor's fitness expertise will truly amaze you.....Without a doubt, he is a FIT star!!!!
  • at 7:10 pm on 9.26.14
    Always an inspiration.....GO IGOR!!!
  • at 7:04 pm on 9.26.14
    Igor takes pride in helping people stay fit for life.......truly a caring individual!
  • at 6:55 pm on 9.26.14
    Go Igor Go!!!! Fit all the way!
  • at 2:22 pm on 9.26.14
    W I N N E R!!!!!!
  • at 1:51 am on 9.26.14
    Right where you belong Igor!!! FIT all the way!
  • at 1:42 am on 9.26.14
    So nice to see someone who truly cares about the people he works with.
  • at 12:41 am on 9.26.14
  • at 12:38 am on 9.26.14
    You're going all the way to the top Igor!
  • at 12:35 am on 9.26.14
  • at 12:33 am on 9.26.14
    No doubt in our minds who the best trainer of them all is!! Vote for Igor....he truly deserves this!
  • at 12:27 am on 9.26.14
    Go Igor Go!! Our vote is for you!! FIT
  • at 12:24 am on 9.26.14
    Vote for Igor!! Best trainer around!!
  • at 12:19 am on 9.26.14
    Great job Igor! FIT FIT FIT!!!!
  • at 8:01 pm on 9.25.14
    Your hard work is taking you to the top!!! Great job Igor, we are proud of you!! FIT!!
  • at 7:55 pm on 9.25.14
    Great education for children! FIT for Igor!
  • at 7:53 pm on 9.25.14
    FIT! Go Igor!
  • at 2:02 pm on 9.25.14
    Good Luck Igor!! Best trainer!!
  • at 12:12 pm on 9.25.14
    Let's hear it for Igor!!
  • at 8:40 pm on 9.24.14
    Vote for Igor!
  • at 5:07 pm on 9.24.14
    Igor is so incredibly knowledgeable about the fitness world....and he has a heart of gold to top it all off with! How lucky are we???!!! FIT for Igor!
  • at 4:55 pm on 9.24.14
    Keep inspiring people every day! You do make a huge difference to all!!!!
  • at 4:46 pm on 9.24.14
    FIT all the way!!! Igor deserves this win.
  • at 4:41 pm on 9.24.14
    My vote is for Igor!!! His 365 class is the best there is!
  • at 4:38 pm on 9.24.14
    The world needs more people like Igor! He is a true fitness champion in every way! GO IGOR!!!!!
  • at 4:32 pm on 9.24.14
    Good Luck Igor, you can do this!! FIT
  • at 4:24 pm on 9.24.14
    So many adults & children benefit from Igor's dedication to fitness each and every day. Vote for Igor!!!!
  • at 4:11 pm on 9.24.14
    Vote for Igor......he truly is the best out there! FIT FIT FIT FIT FIT!!!!!
  • at 4:08 pm on 9.24.14
    Igor is the true epitome of a fitness leader.......Bring home that win Igor!!!!
  • at 3:59 pm on 9.24.14
    voted and will continue to vote till he wins he is by far the best trainer... once you train with IGOR No one else will do.
  • at 9:14 pm on 9.23.14
    Igor is the epitome of a true fitness leader, and is the real deal. No wonder he is the top sought after trainer! We are proud of you Igor!
  • at 9:05 pm on 9.23.14
    The knowledge that Igor has been teaching these 365 kids, will most certainly benefit them for many years to come. I call that a win-win situation! FIT for Igor!!!!
  • at 8:48 pm on 9.23.14
    Everyone knows you have this amazing ability to have a huge impact in the lives of the people you train. The results don't lie. And the friendships you make along the way are worth their weight in gold. Thanks for being an amazing trainer & friend, and for genuinely wanting to make a difference in people's lives. Can't wait to see all the good things this FIT win will bring to you!!! You so deserve this!
  • at 8:38 pm on 9.23.14
    Talk about taking youth fitness to a whole new level! Igor is the best!
  • at 8:26 pm on 9.23.14
    It's always great to see....that even though those kids are being worked to the core, they always come away from the class with a huge smile on their faces. You know Igor is doing it right!
  • at 8:20 pm on 9.23.14
    Igor certainly has what it takes to be America's Next Fitness Star! Vote for IGor!!! FIT!!
  • at 8:11 pm on 9.23.14
    365 Youth Fitness is by far the best youth fitness class around. Igor's dedication to the children makes all the difference in the world! FIT for Igor!!
  • at 8:05 pm on 9.23.14
    Your dedication and inspiration goes way beyond American's Next Fitness Star! You have touched the lives of so many people in more ways than one. There is a great reason you're at the top of your game! Go get that win Igor!!! You deserve it!
  • at 7:59 pm on 9.23.14
    Igor's concept for 365 has such an important message behind it. Teach your kids to enjoy fitness, and teach them young. Perhaps if people everywhere followed suit, the obesity epidemic could be tackled one child at a time........Thanks for your leadership & guidance Igor! You're the best!
  • at 7:47 pm on 9.23.14
    Vote for Igor!!! FIT!
  • at 7:44 pm on 9.23.14
    Go for it Igor. You deserve this the most!!! FIT
  • at 3:37 am on 9.23.14
    Well done Igor! Keep up the good work! I vote 100% FIT!
  • at 3:33 am on 9.23.14
    FIT to win it all!
  • at 3:31 am on 9.23.14
    You can do this Igor, there's nobody better than you!
  • at 3:30 am on 9.23.14
    GO IGOR!!!! FIT
  • at 3:21 am on 9.23.14
    Anyone who has come to know Igor, knows what an amazing person he is. It's no wonder he's the top trainer around. We are 100% behind you Igor. I can't think of a more fitting person to win this competition.
  • at 3:04 am on 9.23.14
    Flop?????? NO WAY NO HOW! 100% authentic, genuine, amazing, incredible, inspiring FIT!!!!!
  • at 2:58 am on 9.23.14
    Knowledge is truly power. And you just know, that when your child is overheard telling another young friend that they should try Kale shakes instead of chocolate chip cookies......that they must have been hanging out with Igor! Proud of my kids for making great choices......and forever grateful to Igor to making fitness a priority for today's youth. FIT for the win, Igor!!!!!
  • at 2:47 am on 9.23.14
    You are awesome Igor!!! You deserve this win! FIT
  • at 2:45 am on 9.23.14
  • at 2:37 am on 9.23.14
    Igor, you truly deserve to be America's Next Fitness Star!!! Keep up the good work, and thanks for keeping it real!
  • at 2:33 am on 9.23.14
    Once again, your hard work and dedication to others has brought you to the top spot. You're right where you deserve to be! FIT for IGOR!!!!
  • at 2:28 am on 9.23.14
    365 Youth Fitnes is an amazing program for the children. They have become so knowledgeable because of one amazing fitness instructor. Thanks to Igor's dedication and enthusiasm, the children now have knowledge & a whole new appreciation of fitness. Thank you Igor!!!
  • at 2:11 am on 9.23.14
    Go for it Igor! You are an amazing inspiration to all. FIT!!!
  • at 12:39 am on 9.23.14
  • at 12:12 am on 9.23.14
    365 is the best program for children. They need to learn what is good for their health. Go Igor! We vote for you!
  • at 6:27 pm on 9.22.14
    Good job Igor! You are the best trainer!
  • at 6:27 pm on 9.21.14
    365 Youth Fitness is behind Igor all the way!!! Go IGOR!!
  • at 6:25 pm on 9.21.14
    Congrats Igor....right on top where you deserve to be! FIT!!!
  • at 6:17 pm on 9.21.14
    Keep it up Igor, we are proud of you!
  • at 1:15 am on 9.21.14
    Way to go Igor!
  • at 1:13 am on 9.21.14
    There's only one way to vote for Igor.....FIT!
  • at 1:11 am on 9.21.14
    Best of luck deserve this win!!
  • at 1:01 am on 9.21.14
    Go IGOR!!!!!! Fit Fit Fit!
  • at 12:55 am on 9.21.14
    Igor is the best of them all. He's a trainer who gives 100%, and then gives 110% more! whether you are 8, or 88.....Igor knows how to motivate us all!
  • at 12:23 am on 9.21.14
    Igor for the win!!!! FIT FIT FIT!
  • at 12:19 am on 9.21.14
    Igor is one of the most hardworking & dedicated people I know. And it is a true joy to watch him interact with the children. He has made a huge impact on their lives.
  • at 12:07 am on 9.21.14
    This one's all yours Igor! FIT!
  • at 3:11 pm on 9.19.14
    Igor is a class act! America's next fitness star is definitely yours for the taking! Go get 'em Igor!
  • at 3:07 pm on 9.19.14
    365 has had a tremendous impact on how the children think about food and nutrition. They're thinking about better food choices, and have come to embrace a fitness lifestyle. Thank-you Igor!!
  • at 2:58 pm on 9.19.14
    I ncredible G enuine O utstanding R emarkable...and so much more! FIT for IGOR!!
  • at 2:50 pm on 9.19.14
    You rock Igor! You deserve it all! Good Luck!
  • at 2:43 pm on 9.19.14
    Flop has NEVER been a part of Igor's vocabulary.......he is always 100% inspiration. FIT, FIT, FIT for IGOR!!!
  • at 2:32 pm on 9.19.14
  • at 2:28 pm on 9.19.14
    When your children talk about how tough..but "awesome" their fitness class was....Music to my ears! Thanks Igor, for all you do for these kids. It's no mystery whey they keep wanting to go back! :) FIT!!
  • at 2:22 pm on 9.19.14
    Way to go're an inspiration to all! FIT!!!
  • at 2:13 pm on 9.19.14
    Lets go Igor! FIT all the way!
  • at 11:56 am on 9.19.14
    Go Igor go!!! You deserve this my friend.
  • at 10:08 pm on 9.18.14
    You deserve this Igor! Bring home the win!!!
  • at 7:54 pm on 9.18.14
    Igor is an inspiration to everyone. I can't think of a better person, who is more deserving to win this! We're 100% behind you Igor!!!
  • at 7:47 pm on 9.18.14
    Thanks for your dedication and support of the children. 365 all the way!!!
  • at 7:41 pm on 9.18.14
    Always there to inspire the children in a positive way. Igor is the best!
  • at 1:30 am on 9.18.14
    I am excited to go to 365 youth fitness class every week. Igor teaches me how to have fun while exercising and helps me make healthier food choices. I choose low fat milk instead of chocolate milk at school on my own. Igor is the BEST!!!
  • at 4:58 pm on 9.17.14
    100% behind Igor. A FIT vote for us! You've got this Igor!!
  • at 4:54 pm on 9.17.14
    Dedicated & driven.....two words which only begin to describe the best personal trainer out there! GO IGOR!!! FIT
  • at 4:49 pm on 9.17.14
    Come on America, vote for Igor!! A vote for him, is a vote in the right direction for youth fitness. Go have our vote!
  • at 4:39 pm on 9.17.14
    Igor has my vote!!! FIT for the best out there!
  • at 4:28 pm on 9.17.14
    Igor is the best!! Just ask any of the 365 kids, and they would wholeheartedly agree!! They Love his fitness class, and now enjoy the benefits of learning fitness & nutrition at such a young age. This will no doubt impact their desire for physical fitness throughout their lives. GO IGOR!!!!!
  • at 3:56 pm on 9.17.14
    Brilliant concept, brilliant trainer......go IGOR!
  • at 3:52 pm on 9.17.14
    So deserving of this title! Go Igor!!
  • at 4:47 pm on 9.16.14
    Best trainer eveeeer!!!!!!
  • at 1:37 am on 9.13.14
  • at 3:20 pm on 2.06.14
    Go For The Gold!!!!!!!!! You're Numero UNO!!!!!!!
  • at 8:54 am on 2.02.14
    Good luck Igor!!!
  • at 5:00 am on 2.01.14
    Lets go Igor!!!!! FIT FIT FIT!!!
  • at 4:43 am on 2.01.14
    GO for it Igor! This is all yours! You are everyone's favorite, and Sooooo deserving to win it all!
  • at 4:38 am on 2.01.14
    You have my vote!! You are a true inspiration, motivator, and friend. Thanks for being there for us all. I can't think of a more deserving person to win this competition!!! FIT for Igor!!!!!
  • at 4:28 am on 2.01.14
    Igor Celzner = everybody's favorite!!! In it to win it....and we're right there with you! Thanks for leading us all down a better path!
  • at 4:24 am on 2.01.14
    You have what it takes to make a huge impact on people's lives. You are an amazing trainer, and I can't wait to see where this FIT win takes you!
  • at 4:21 am on 2.01.14
    365 is the best idea hands down! This is a program America needs to see! So let's get Igor to the finals and win this for the children!
  • at 4:17 am on 2.01.14
    My vote is for Igor, 100%.
  • at 4:15 am on 2.01.14
    Success is seeing your children totally embracing a healthier fitness lifestyle, while still believing that workouts are totally fun for them. Igor, you make them work hard for it...and understand "no pain, no gain"....but you do so in a way that keeps them coming back for more! These children love 365......And it's all because of you!
  • at 4:02 am on 2.01.14
    If you're looking for the best, look no further! Igor has demonstrated time and again that he has what it takes to go above and beyond! His vision for youth fitness is so very important, and his program has the ability to change so many children's lives. A win for Igor, is a win for generations to come!!!!!
  • at 3:55 am on 2.01.14
    Igor is easily the best trainer & instructor America has to offer!!! He so deserves this win! FIT FIT FIT!!!!!!
  • at 3:45 am on 2.01.14
    FIT for Igor!!!!!
  • at 3:42 am on 2.01.14
    See you in the finals Igor, that's where you belong! Anyone as dedicated and driven as you are....most definitely deserves the top spot! FIT all the way!!!
  • at 3:37 am on 2.01.14
    All the children of 365 clearly support Igor. Their smiles and interactions with Igor during class say it all for them! One look and you know they're hooked for life! Thanks for taking the time to care, and make our children FIT!
  • at 3:32 am on 2.01.14
    This one's all yours Igor...I can't think of a more deserving & dedicated person. FIT!!
  • at 3:26 am on 2.01.14
    Thank you for going above and beyond in your quest to make sure that everyone leads a healthier lifestyle. All those early hours, and late nights....and everything in between.....your guidance has helped so many of us, and were are all the better because of it! Thank-you so very much for your dedication!!! Connecticut is very fortunate!
  • at 3:17 am on 2.01.14
    Never give up! One step closer to reaching your goal. We support you, and are so excited for you! Hurrah for Igor. FIT all the way!
  • at 3:12 am on 2.01.14
    Go Igor Go, you deserve this the most!!!
  • at 3:04 am on 2.01.14
    Looking forward to seeing you where you the finals!!! FIT for Igor!
  • at 10:46 pm on 1.31.14
    Looking forward to hearing successful outcome of Fit Or Flop for IGOR!!
  • at 9:25 pm on 1.31.14
  • at 3:10 pm on 1.31.14
    For the exercise education, the food facts and nutrition understanding, the strength, stamina, agility (plus pure fun) you have given us, THANK YOU, IGOR! You have guided us – young and old, male and female, of all sizes, shapes, cultures, races, and levels – to live longer, stronger, and healthier, so also happier. You’ve been Connecticut’s secret for success. But it’s no secret now. You are THE BEST!
  • at 2:53 pm on 1.31.14
    Good job
  • at 1:47 pm on 1.31.14
    There's no one more fit, smart, and effective in making exercise a lifestyle, and fun! Igor's number one!!!!
  • at 2:56 am on 1.31.14
    Another amazing class tonight.....all those kids worked hard, played harder.... And all left with a high five and a smile. It's nice to see all their confidence, and their love of your class! Thanks Igor!
  • at 2:50 am on 1.31.14
    Igor is the epitome of FITness......he most certainly deserves this win!!! FIT FIT FIT!!
  • at 3:41 pm on 1.30.14
    365 - The way the youth should be taught about fitness and nutrition! FUN, DEDICATION, INSPIRATION, 100% HARDWORK. FIT!
  • at 3:34 pm on 1.30.14
    Your mission to educate the children is so powerful & important. A 365 Nationwide program could help tackle and change the ever growing problem of childhood obesity. Kudos to Igor, for wanting to make a difference! We support you 100%!
  • at 3:27 pm on 1.30.14
    The gift of knowledge you have given these kids, will change their lives forever. Their new lessons of fitness and nutrition, will give them a great foundation to make the most of their choices in life. Thank-you!!! FIT for Igor!
  • at 3:19 pm on 1.30.14
    Connecticut's children are proud of you!!!
  • at 1:47 pm on 1.30.14
    What a great lesson for the kids of Youth Fitness 365 - commitment, dedication, and hard work can pay off in more ways than one! They (and their parents) already know being part of Igor's class has big personal payoffs for better body and soul. And soon they will see their health hero, Igor, get the win he so absolutely deserves. Must go to the class tonight and watch. The kids will be even MORE pumped than usual. Yes, sometimes nice guys DO finish first! And that's where Igor belongs.
  • at 1:14 pm on 1.30.14
    With expertise, with innovation, with inspiration, creativity, and great fun, Igor is a WINNER!!! Fitorflop, Igor's your next great fitness star!
  • at 1:11 am on 1.30.14
    Good Luck Igor! You're a winner with all of us!
  • at 1:08 am on 1.30.14
    I foresee great things coming your way with this program! GO IGOR - GO 365!
  • at 1:03 am on 1.30.14
    Way to go Igor....still on top, but this is no surprise!! You've earned everything that your hard work and perseverance have brought you! FIT!
  • at 12:58 am on 1.30.14
    A win for Igor, would also mean a win for all the kid across America. 365 Youth Fitness is what these children need....a healthy foundation to last a lifetime! FIT!!!
  • at 12:42 am on 1.30.14
    Another Thursday coming up...and another evening of hearing from my kids.....I can't wait to see what we do at 365 tomorrow! They're always looking forward to that class! Hurray for Youth Fitness! Thanks Igor!
  • at 4:37 pm on 1.29.14
    The way it is, not only for members of Igor’s Youth Fitness 365 class but also for teenagers to elders who join his fitness ‘game’ in adult classes or his troop of personal trainees: ”Everyone plays, and everyone is a winner,” said a Youth Fitness father with two children in the class. He is certain his kids are stronger, fitter, faster, and food-smarter because of Youth Fitness 365. And the adults who work out with Igor are also stronger, fitter, faster, and food-smarter. Igor has mastered leading this ‘game,’ with seriously wonderful, life-altering results for all who play. There is no better game, or more masterful leader than Igor!
  • at 1:50 pm on 1.29.14
    Igor's the best! That's what our kids need, and what America needs - a fitness trainer who's an expert and always positive and fun - always an inspiration and motivation!
  • at 12:54 pm on 1.29.14
    No surprise you're still in first place! Keep inspiring, good luck with your awesome program.
  • at 3:47 am on 1.29.14
  • at 2:29 am on 1.29.14
    Igor = FIT = Champion! No explanations needed!!
  • at 2:24 am on 1.29.14
    A true inspiration to the young, and young at heart!
  • at 2:12 am on 1.29.14
    Top trainer = top notch! There's a reason why Igor is everybody's favorite!
  • at 2:05 am on 1.29.14
    Igor Celzner......a man on a mission! He is a true role model to all the children out there. Nutrition & fitness have never been so much fun!
  • at 1:59 am on 1.29.14
    I know who my kids' number one choice is! - FIT for Igor!
  • at 1:52 am on 1.29.14
    I'm sorry, flop is definitely NOT part of my vocabulary! FIT, FIT, FIT, FIT, FIT FOR IGOR!!!!
  • at 1:49 am on 1.29.14
    When a child can "out-plank" doubt, they've been trained by Igor!! :) I vote FIT!
  • at 1:44 am on 1.29.14
    Igor is the best!!!
  • at 1:43 am on 1.29.14
    Thank-you for making the health and wellness of our children, your priority! You are #1 in all our eyes! :) FIT for Igor!!
  • at 1:39 am on 1.29.14
    Igor is a true natural with the kids.....and this class is something the children look forward to every week. It's nice to know that exercise has become their favorite thing! Thank-you Igor. You have our FIT vote!
  • at 1:33 am on 1.29.14
    Homestretch Igor!!! This title is yours for the taking!
  • at 1:30 am on 1.29.14
    wholeheartedly support Igor, and his pursuit to win this competition!
  • at 1:24 am on 1.29.14
    Vote for Igor, vote for Igor, vote for Igor!!!!!!! So deserving to win this competition!
  • at 1:21 am on 1.29.14
    1 part dedication, 1 part inspiration, & 1 part motivation....a true recipe for success. Igor knows how to serve it up!! FIT!!!
  • at 1:11 am on 1.29.14
    We support you 100% Igor! FIT....all the way to the finals!!!
  • at 9:05 pm on 1.28.14
    👍go go go......
  • at 8:34 pm on 1.28.14
    Voting for Igor to go All the Way to the Top!!!
  • at 1:13 pm on 1.28.14
    Igor is the real deal and the complete package. He's already a champion to everyone whose life he has touched, because he's made a health winner out of all of us!
  • at 12:30 pm on 1.28.14
    Igor’s Youth Fitness 365 program can do more than bring better health for children in this part of the nation – it is a model program that will become a popular movement inspiring and transforming kids across the country. “We think it’s fantastic,” said Greg DiNatale, director of personal training at the Edge. ”Igor has unlimited energy and enthusiasm, and what makes his program really outstanding is the focus on youth fitness. We hear so many adults at the gym saying, ’I wish I learned this, wish I did this (lifestyle and exercise) when I was younger,’” explained DiNatale. “Yes, teaching the kids, getting them involved now, can change a generation’s health.”
  • at 1:00 am on 1.28.14
    IT's a win-win situation for these children & parents alike! Fit & happy children embracing a healthy lifestyle! :) Igor, this competition is all yours! FIT!!!
  • at 12:52 am on 1.28.14
    Whether your 8 or 88.... Hands down, Igor is the best trainer around! In the words of my young son, "He's the best...he's an awesome dude!" Fit for Igor!!!
  • at 12:41 am on 1.28.14
    And yes I can not walk after leg day with Igor and his crazy routines.... True trainer and leader at the same time.And yes he is going to win this no matter what....
  • at 12:33 am on 1.28.14
    Igor, you are a true inspiration, and an exceptional teacher & role model. Thanks for caring so much about our children, and enhancing their lives! I vote FIT!
  • at 12:29 am on 1.28.14
    Thank-you Igor! Because of your eye-opening and informative classes, my children have already begun embracing and leading a healthier lifestyle....and they love it!
  • at 12:19 am on 1.28.14
    motivated, Hard working, dedicated, inspirational....FIT! Igor has my vote!
  • at 12:11 am on 1.28.14
    You know Igor has made an impact on your kids when......they come home from school, and tell you about how unhealthy all their classmates are eating at snack time. I hear, "Mom, they're eating Doritos & Oreo's....gummy candies, potato come nobody else cares about their bodies?" Music to my ears! I'm so glad they embrace their fresh fruit & veggies! Igor's homework & lessons have already made them aware of the healthier food choices they can make....and to turn away from the processed junk food! A FIT for the win, and a FIT for life!
  • at 11:59 pm on 1.27.14
    Igor is in it to win it! If he were asked to give 100%, he'd give 200%...and that's the reason why he's the best at what he does. Dedication, dedication, dedication! I vote FIT!
  • at 11:48 pm on 1.27.14
    I vote FIT!!! Igor is an amazing individual. Dedication & inspiration at its finest! Congratulations Igor, you deserve this!
  • at 11:40 pm on 1.27.14
    Igor is truly an inspiration, and deserves to win this competition! He is completely dedicated and passionate about his youth fitness mission. Igor...we're 100% behind you!
  • at 11:33 pm on 1.27.14
    Beacon Falls, CT supports Igor, and this wonderful program!
  • at 11:30 pm on 1.27.14
    Whenever I observe Igor's 365 class, the children work hard...but they always smile harder! A class they all truly love. Thank you Igor for Making fitness so enjoyable for our children!
  • at 11:24 pm on 1.27.14
    Knowledge is power! Imagine if this program was spread nationwide.....and if all young children could share a love of fitness? Imagine if all children had the knowledge to make healthy informed choices when it comes to all the processed atrocities thrown their way? Perhaps childhood obesity would start to decline.....perhaps the incidence of childhood diabetes would decrease...perhaps the love for fitness would grow. So many amazing possibilities. For those already fortunate enough to have crossed Igor's path, their fitness transformations & lifelong lessons have already begun. Yes, knowledge truly is power, and Igor's 365 Youth Fitness, has the power to transform many people's lives. Go Igor! FIT FIT FIT!
  • at 10:55 pm on 1.27.14
    Igor, you are truly an inspiration. Thanks for helping to spread this message. I am so proud of you all, and am thrilled to see the amazing transformation of my children. Not only have they become fit in body, but in mind as well. It is so wonderful to see children making smart lifestyle choices. They are very proud of what they have learned.
  • at 10:39 pm on 1.27.14
    When you believe, you achieve.......And now, so many of our children believe too! Thank you Igor, for the amazing work and effort you put into educating our kids. Your message is so important not only for our kids, but for all the youth of America. So watch out America....I guarantee, 365 Youth Fitness will soon be a name to reckon with....and will be taking this country by storm! A huge FIT in my books!
  • at 3:48 pm on 1.27.14
  • at 2:27 pm on 1.27.14
    Insight from a parent of a Youth Fitness 365 class member: “My kids know more now about exercise, muscle groups, nutrition and how to eat well than a lot of adults I talk to at the gym. It’s a great, great foundation for the kids.”
  • at 12:59 pm on 1.27.14
    Igor’s Interval class at 8:30 a.m. Monday. What a great way to start the week!
  • at 3:55 am on 1.27.14
    Fit for Igor
  • at 7:49 pm on 1.26.14
  • at 3:57 pm on 1.26.14
    It’s not obvious, and you might not know it if you watch Igor’s Youth Fitness 365 class, but it includes one element he quietly sees as a special achievement – teaching and motivating children with challenges far beyond those faced by the average youth. One of the boys in the class has autism. “And he loves the class!” Igor says, grinning proudly. Igor hopes to expand the number of children with autism in the class, and is helping to design a facility and programs for a friend opening a gym catering just to children, and specializing with those who have autism. It’s just one more unique trait, and the kind of compassion, that makes Igor a standout. We are lucky to have him.
  • at 2:08 pm on 1.26.14
    Just seeing Igor in the gym is motivating. He is so energetic and happy, it’s contagious!
  • at 1:41 pm on 1.25.14
    It’s always a grin to watch Igor with Youth Fitness 365. They are working hard, but every child is sporting a smile, having fun. Seems every one sees that class as an hour of play time (not a ‘workout’) and that puts exercise in a light we wish it could be in for every child in America.
  • at 1:18 pm on 1.25.14
    Can’t wait to take his Core class 7 a.m. Thursday!
  • at 10:24 pm on 1.23.14
  • at 1:14 pm on 1.23.14
    SUCH a great core class this morning!!! FIT!
  • at 1:08 pm on 1.23.14
    I’m involved in a career rooted in psychology, and have wondered at times what it is about Igor that makes him so successful as a trainer. I think his great effectiveness is powered by several traits. First, of course, there is his extensive knowledge of so many fitness facets - cardio/agility/flexibility, weight-training, and nutrition among them. But it’s more than that. It is his uncanny ability to know what you can do, before you even know, and to gently or firmly (depending on your style/what you react to best) push you to do what you might doubt you can achieve, but he already knows you can do. His big smile and always upbeat attitude, as well as his words say, “You’ve got this, just focus, stay committed, and keep trying.” And he is able to solve problems to get people over any “wall” they are hitting, knowing what they need whether that means a workout change, a diet adjustment, supplements, or just additional encouragement. Igor is genuinely invested in his trainees and those who attend his classes. It’s not just a job. He is on a mission to inspire and guide people – young, old, and all ages in between – to attain their optimal healthy body, which triggers a healthier mind and spirit, too. I am so thankful for the day I walked into the gym and told the manager I was looking for a trainer who would really teach me a lot and push me to be the best I can be, and that manager said, “Oh, you need to train with IGOR.”
  • at 9:06 pm on 1.22.14
  • at 3:02 pm on 1.22.14
    He is an excellent trainer - very knowledgeable and personable with a lot of experience and passion for what he does.
  • at 1:21 pm on 1.22.14
  • at 1:55 am on 1.22.14
    fit fit fit
  • at 1:36 am on 1.22.14
  • at 9:51 pm on 1.21.14
    With more and more children staying in the house and playing video games and having fewer opportunities to exercise, as they get older they will have many problems with osteoporosis. As one who visits the Edge often, I have had the opportunity of watching Igor work with kids of all ages. Kudos to you Igor Celzner for the work you are doing with our young people.
  • at 2:45 pm on 1.20.14
    I started training with Igor in August. I've since lost almost 30 pounds and have learned to love working out and living a healthy lifestyle. Igor is an inspiration to all lives he touches. I am thankful to have such a caring personal trainer who has a genuine interest in helping his clients!
  • at 12:34 pm on 1.20.14
    Igor works his magic with the Kids in Youth Fitness 365 – he’s like a pied piper of fitness for the tykes – but he does the same with adults, too. Igor’s been my trainer for more than two years now, and while I am a 55-year-old woman, I have the energy level and body fat level of a 25-year-old athlete (the latter according to the charts, the former according to the way I feel). I’ve gone from chubby and low-energy when I signed on as his trainee to slim, toned, and always ready for a sustained, challenging workout. When I reached a point where I wanted something more than to be slim (wanted some strength and muscle a bit beyond just toned), Igor taught me to lift weights and start bodybuilding. Now, for example, I am up to 235-pound deadlifts, which is twice my weight! So while Igor’s heart is most of all with the kids of Youth Fitness 365, he also knows a wide variety of fitness “ropes” and happily guides anyone, of any age, to reach their goal, whether that means having a general healthy physique, or that of a model,an athlete, or a bodybuilder. And he knows nutrition, too. Like he does with the kids of Youth Fitness 365, he designed a healthy eating routine for me that fueled success. Igor truly is an expert in the field and epitomizes the title “elite trainer.”
  • at 4:17 am on 1.20.14
    Fit for Igor
  • at 4:22 am on 1.18.14
    Core class with Igor at 6:00 AM this morning. Top notch class from a Top notch Fitness Professional. Igor is without a doubt a Winner.
  • at 8:47 pm on 1.17.14
    Igor is energetic and on The Top of his Game! He's an Inspiration for both Young and Old!
  • at 12:02 am on 1.17.14
    Igor rocks! I'm a 50 year old woman who has tried for many years to lose weight and feel comfortable in a gym. Igor has really made this a reality for me; he has such incredible knowledge and makes it easy to understand and grasp. I wish him all the best of luck.
  • at 6:29 pm on 1.16.14
    Vote for the Very Best: Igor!!!!! He has what it takes to keep America in Shape!
  • at 10:31 pm on 1.15.14
    Intense core class at 7am tomorrow, great reason to wake up and face the day with Igor
  • at 5:10 pm on 1.15.14
    Good Luck Igor!
  • at 7:18 pm on 1.14.14
    Igor is by far the best trainer I have had the pleasure to work with in 20 years. His concept for the youth of American is fantastic. The children love him and he has motivated them to enjoy exercise as well as understand nutrition. His workouts can change the face of obesity in this country starting with its youth
  • at 2:28 pm on 1.14.14
    you got this Igor
  • at 11:33 pm on 1.13.14
    Igor knows how to motivate and encourage. Great workout today! Good luck.
  • at 10:24 pm on 1.13.14
    Igor encourages in the most positive way. Can't help but want to be fit when you train or take his class
  • at 10:48 pm on 1.12.14
    I work out with Igor every Thursday. He pushes you gently and doesn't take I can't for an excuse. When working out with Igor, you know he is paying attention to you, not what else is happening in the gym. Igor is all in along side with his clients.
  • at 6:23 pm on 1.12.14
    Igor is a great trainer and I had the pleasure to have been trained by him. He pushed me a lot during our sessions and I can thank my success in the gym to him. He really loves helping his clients achieve their goals. Every time I see him he always asks me how's dieting going, which shows that he doesn't only push me at the gym but also outside the gym to make sure I am eating healthy.
  • at 2:57 am on 1.12.14
    Great trainer
  • at 2:38 pm on 1.10.14
    Had a workout session with Igor yesterday, it was great! He challenges you but takes into consideration your limits. I always look forward to my session.
  • Stanley Geter at 10:38 am on 1.10.14
    As a colleague of Igor's I can say he truly has a passion for the health and well being of our nation's youth. His high energy level, dedication and fitness knowledge are on display every time he has the opportunity to work with children. Most Importantly he keeps the workouts fun and engaging, which encourages the kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • at 10:51 pm on 1.09.14
    Great trainer😊
  • at 1:37 pm on 1.09.14
    I have known Igor for years and haven't seen anyone as dedicated as he is.Kids adore him and clients couldn't say enough great things about his approach to training. He is very knowledgeable about health and fitness as well as having the ability to understand what each individual needs to reach their goal and helping them go beyond that.I believe he is Americas Next Fitness Star. No one can do what he does and seeing how involved he is in his Youth Fitness 365 program, the excitement and fun that pours out of those kids in class, is enough to prove that. VOTE FOR IGOR!!!
  • at 1:28 pm on 1.09.14
    Amazing small group workout...focus on core then stations! Always motivating for the day ahead
  • at 12:47 pm on 1.09.14
    ;-) voted
  • at 8:39 pm on 1.08.14
    Igor is awesome!
  • at 7:22 am on 1.08.14
    Brrrrrrrrr! It was cold this morning but I still made my AM personal training session with Igor.
  • at 8:42 pm on 1.07.14
    Igor rocks
  • at 1:21 pm on 1.07.14
    IF you want real results Igor is definitely the way to go. His program Youth Fitness 365 for kids is phenomenal!. It is fun and educational and the kids can't wait to go every week! He teaches them about living healthy everyday.
  • at 11:33 pm on 1.06.14
    Our 2 kids are among the first subscribers to Igor’s program about a year ago just because my wife and I believe that physical education is an integral part of their upbringing. Soon, we discover that our kids not only are they getting fitter, but they are becoming knowledgeable about different body muscle groups. They know various exercises by names. They know what exercise routine is for what muscle group. They know that a healthy lifestyle means working out frequently, drinking a lot of water, sleeping enough, and eating healthy foods. More importantly, all this has been taking place in a kids’ friendly & fun environment: Kids get to play games too in a segment of this program. This is definitely an all-inclusive program that provides a strong foundation for a healthy generation. I strongly recommend that parents look into such a great program!
  • at 11:31 pm on 1.06.14
    Igor is one of the best trainers ever.I have been working with him for over a year and I definitely can say that I am in the best shape of my life.He is very specific about workouts, nutrition plans and how to achieve the highest results.He is a very smart person and the fitness field is his home.The best part about Igor is that he never gives up no matter what, he will always be there when ever you need him to help you as much as he can....Best Trainer ever....
  • at 9:36 pm on 1.06.14
    My wife and I both do our part to teach our two daughters how to live a healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise. Both of my girls take Igor's youth fitness class and it is refreshing to have an influence besides mom and dad reinforcing these principles, all the while doing it in a fun environment that they look forward to. I believe what they are learning will benefit them for years to come. Thank you Igor!!
  • at 7:51 pm on 1.05.14
  • at 2:52 pm on 1.05.14
    Good Luck Igor !
  • at 2:48 pm on 1.05.14
    I started dancing at the age of four and continued that form of exercise for the next 22 years. After I stopped dancing, I spent the next 25 years primarily doing dance type group exercise with some kickboxing when I could find a good instructor. Needless to say, 48 years of one type of exercise has led to chronic minor injuries. Igor has begun to work with me and has begun to diversify my exercise routine. I am happy to say following his advice I am now working out injury free. Igor's YouthFitness365 program will certainly promote a safe and healthy model for lifelong fitness for the children of our community.
  • at 8:53 pm on 1.04.14
    Igor is the best trainer around!!!! Good Luck!!!
  • at 11:48 am on 1.04.14
  • at 11:48 am on 1.04.14
  • at 2:31 am on 1.04.14
    Igor is my current personal trainer. I gravitated to him purely by watching his interactions with his clients while I was working out on the floor. He is attentive, focused and fully invested in his clients well being. I signed up for a paid class he was teaching to experience his training style. At the end of the first class, he offered everyone in the room a free nutritional program for taking his class. To my surprise no one took advantage of this offer aside from myself. It was at that moment that I knew he was a trainer for all the right reasons. I support Igor whole heartedly in anything he does. As I like to say, "he walks the walk"
  • at 8:37 pm on 1.03.14
    Igor is my trainer, he's very knowledgeable, encouraging and really cares. Growing up I was an overweight/obese child and now looking back, I wish I had someone teach me the proper nutrition and exercises back then. I truly believe America's children NEED Youth Fitness 365! I highly recommend Igor to everyone of any age!
  • at 7:18 pm on 1.03.14
  • at 6:04 pm on 1.03.14
    Amazing Team, Go go !!
  • at 12:05 pm on 1.03.14
    Igor is the best! Good luck Igor.
  • at 4:49 am on 1.03.14
    Igor is an awesome trainer. Very supportive and caring. He also makes exercises fun . Very motivating . I recommend him to everyone. Igor you deserve this!
  • at 2:01 am on 1.03.14
    Igor really cares! He goes above and beyond to support you with a healthy lifestyle. He is very charismatic and makes fitness fun! Igor is the best of the best!
  • at 11:27 pm on 1.02.14
    Igor is a wonderful trainer that makes exercise fun. He has a great personality and is well-liked by all. He has helped me achieve my fitness and weight loss goals. He has passion in helping youths of all ages get on the right track to be fit for life.
  • at 7:36 pm on 1.02.14
    Igor is amazing! Totally changed my life both in fitness and how to live better all around!
  • at 7:17 pm on 1.02.14
  • at 9:44 am on 1.02.14
  • at 3:02 am on 1.02.14
  • at 2:04 am on 1.02.14
    Igor is the best! He was my husband's personal trainer and got him to be in the best shape of his life at age 39. My 8 year old son also LOVED Igor's youth fitness classes. He is motivating, knowledgeable and I recommend him to everyone looking for a trainer. Good luck Igor. You deserve this!
  • at 8:32 pm on 1.01.14
    You've made our daughter a new person
  • at 7:04 pm on 1.01.14
    I have the pleasure of working with Igor and I have to say he has a super positive attitude and keeps mine in check. He keeps me motivated and the results I see in myself with his guide , is a great motivator as well. It's fun to watch the kids workout because they have fun doing it, they don't feel like it's a job. To me he's already a success.
  • at 2:11 pm on 12.31.13



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