Body By Hannah
By Hannah Davis
New York, NY
Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it. ~Plato
Hannah is the fitness expert on Cosmopolitan Magazine’s advisory panel. She has contributed to publications and books including Women’s Health Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Fitness Magazine,, and the newly released book, Shape Up Shortcuts. She has appeared on Fox 5 and New York 1.

Hannah created the 2-2-20 workout method which has gained popularity among people who can only find time to get a quick workout in at home. You can download those workouts at

She is a the proud co-founder of Gotham Versatile Training in NYC, which encourages a community of trainees who want to meet and compete with fellow members. Gotham VT works with only the best trainers in the industry. She currently trains privately out of her own personal training studio in Cleveland, TN!


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  • at 3:42 pm on 9.25.14
    Hannah is fabulous!! I'm blessed to get to work with her!
  • at 10:48 am on 9.25.14
    Hooray for Hannah...the best trainer!!!!
  • at 2:32 am on 9.18.14
    Go Hannah - I love you 2 2 20 - Keeping me honest back here in oz xo
  • at 4:14 pm on 9.17.14
    Hannah is an incredible trainer and should be America's Next Fitness Star!
  • at 1:46 pm on 9.17.14
    Hannah is THE BEST!
  • at 10:37 pm on 9.12.14
    Go Hannah!!!!! you are awesome!!!!
  • at 9:44 pm on 9.12.14
    Hannah is SO inspirational! She is definitely deserving of being America's Next Fitness Star!!!!!
  • at 6:04 pm on 9.12.14
    Woooo GO HANNAH. 2-2-20 is AMAZING and so is the trainer behind it!
  • at 4:56 am on 2.01.14
    Hannah, you're the bestest!!!
  • at 4:55 am on 2.01.14
    Go Hannah!!!!
  • at 6:35 pm on 1.31.14
    Hannah is amazing, the best!
  • at 5:00 pm on 1.31.14
    Left a lasting impression with Anna--so she took advantage and helped me vote, today, too.....hope it helps!
  • at 4:16 pm on 1.31.14
    Hannah is the best!
  • at 5:49 pm on 1.30.14
    What can I say, daughter Hannah. Finally got my vote in thanks to Anna. Youde BEST!
  • at 1:40 pm on 1.30.14
    Hannah is the best!
  • at 6:54 pm on 1.29.14
    Go Hannah!
  • at 10:12 pm on 1.28.14
    Hannah inspires you to be FIT Not FLAB! Go Hannah!
  • at 2:05 pm on 1.28.14
    Go Hannah!
  • at 1:45 pm on 1.28.14
    Hannah is easily the best trainer in America.
  • at 6:02 am on 1.28.14
    Go Hanna .... You are the best ...Maria
  • at 5:16 am on 1.28.14
    GO HANNAH you are Seriously inspiring and are the epitome of fitness. Right behind you girl!
  • at 9:36 pm on 1.27.14
    Hannah is the best!
  • at 5:04 pm on 1.27.14
    Go Hannah! She's a real motivator!!
  • at 5:04 pm on 1.27.14
    Go Hannah! She's a real motivator!!
  • at 1:58 am on 1.27.14
    It's hard to find a trainer that is as approachable as Hannah, yet manages to inspire respect, and keep you motivated. Hannah is going to be big!
  • at 3:50 pm on 1.26.14
    Representing Washington NC <3
  • at 3:07 pm on 1.26.14
  • at 12:30 am on 1.20.14
    I aspire to be as fit as her.
  • at 1:43 am on 1.19.14
    Hannah Hannah bo bana banana fana fo fana. Me mi mo mana HANNAH!
  • at 5:16 pm on 1.17.14
    Hannah gets my vote too!
  • at 4:25 pm on 1.15.14
    Hannah is the best!
  • at 3:13 pm on 1.15.14
    I love that Hannah's training tips are easy to follow and SUPER easy to incorporate into a normal/busy life. Perfect for a mom like me!
  • at 2:56 pm on 1.15.14
    Hannah gets my vote - what an inspiration!
  • at 2:07 am on 1.15.14
    It doesn't get any better than Hannah. She is truly the best!!
  • at 10:20 pm on 1.14.14
    Hannah is fabulous and AMAZING!!!
  • at 3:40 am on 1.13.14
    Must be great!
  • at 2:35 pm on 1.10.14
  • at 4:41 pm on 1.06.14
  • at 7:02 pm on 1.05.14
    Hannah is awesome!!
  • at 6:45 am on 1.05.14
    She is an amazing trainer, and her videos are awesome!
  • at 4:11 am on 1.05.14
    I would follow her advice. She obviously practices what she preaches. Bravo lady!
  • at 8:58 am on 1.04.14
    Ab Fab!!! great job
  • at 10:08 pm on 1.03.14
  • at 8:00 pm on 1.03.14
    Great trainer!
  • at 7:59 pm on 1.03.14
    She does a great job!
  • at 11:21 pm on 1.02.14
    She is so good and her body is insane!
  • at 7:51 pm on 1.02.14
  • at 10:19 pm on 1.01.14
    What an amazing body, love your video so simple and easy to follow yet effective.
  • at 11:00 pm on 12.31.13
    NYC's best trainer, hands down.



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