The Foundation Method
By Frank Salzone

Born and raised in Staten Island, NY, I moved to Manhattan back in November of 2011 to pursue a career in the fitness industry. My goal being to become a fitness personality that is able to teach the public how to have a healthy lifestyle while making fitness fun and effective at the same time. Throughout my fitness career I have observed many people wanting to try the many new products that hit the market or many new types of fitness classes that aim to push the members harder & faster and don't take the time to teach the correct movements or explain what the body is going through. And because of that, people have injured themselves, or gave up because it was too hard or they did not see the results they were expecting to see. When in reality, if they just stayed with the program, or understood how the body works, they would have achieved their goals safely & effectively.

I have been in the fitness industry since I became a personal trainer in 2008. Ever since then I have quickly progressed from a trainer in Staten Island to a respected fitness professional in all of New York City, with appearances ABC's Good Morning America, NBC's Today Show and MTV's True Life. I have been quoted in fitness & fashion magazines as well. I have also become a widely followed group fitness instructor throughout Equinox and 24 Hour Fitness with my classes in Cycling and main studio work. I contribute a lot of my success in my group fitness classes to the fact that I am always emphasizing the correct way of doing a movement in class. I try to instruct a room of fitness enthusiast to not just give me 100% but to also make sure they are doing the exercises correctly. A goal of mine in my classes is to have the members leave a class feeling that they got a great workout in, but also learning something that they can use out on the gym floor when they are alone working out by themselves. I want them to hear my voice in their head emphasizing correct movement, form and muscle engagement. Each week I continually have members of my classes coming to me to tell me how they feel sore from my workouts for up to 3 or 4 days after the class. This is due to the fact that in my classes they are engaging the correct muscles and not just rushing through a movement and breaking a sweat.

My philosophy towards fitness is simple, your body was made to move! You should approach fitness as something fun, challenging, rewarding and positive. Care for your body with learning proper nutrition, exercise movements and anything else that would have an overall positive effect on your health. Analysts project that the US obesity rate will hit a record 40% by the year 2030. These are not numbers to be taken lightly. With sickness, poor physical health and a society that is becoming more and more comfortable with a sedentary lifestyle, these habits are costing the United States $100's of billions of dollars each year in health care. With the fitness industry always evolving and everyone trying to come up with the next big fitness product, or the next toughest workout, the fit are becoming fitter yet the majority of the population, the population that fits into the overweight and obese categories are getting more and more turned off by this because they are becoming discouraged too quickly.

I believe that even though a lot of the fitness products and workouts on the market are great and respected, there needs to be someone to come along and reach out to the largest audience who need fitness in their lives the most and say, "Wait a minute. Before you even attempt a P90X workout, or Insanity workout, you need to learn the basic moves of how your body works. You need to start again from the ground up and work your way into these types of workouts". I believe if there is a fitness professional that actually tells people to "slow down first, learn, then progress", you will see many more people willing to try incorporating fitness and a healthy lifestyle into their day. For the most part, I believe the majority of the population can have the body they dream of but they need someone who has the enthusiasm, personality, drive and knowledge to motivate them to go back-to-basics and learn from the ground up again. And if they do that, not only will they see physical changes but they will be able to complete those more intense workout programs that they only used to sit on the couch and watch the infomercials for. They'll also feel more positive, have more energy and will want to live healthier knowing how good it feels when you take care of your body. I have yet to see a fitness professional come along and be able to do that, and that is why I am here.

QUOTE:  "The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones"
- Chinese Proverb
FUN FACT:  Country music fan, Fitness goal of mine is to be on Sesame Street & Conan O'Brian



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