DocBeast Fitness
By DocBeast aka Will Borde-Perry MD
Easton, PA
"You can slow down but you can't stop! "Doc Beast
I want to be America's First Doc AND Trainer!!! I've been a fitness enthusiast since age 8 when my mom purchased the Hulk Hogan workout set for me. I would win impromptu pushup or racing contests with friends even in elementary school. However, my medical training has lead me to neglect my fitness for a few years in my early 30's. I weighed 270lbs with a 42 inch waist in 2009. That's when I started Insanity and P90X. I lost 50 lbs. I then became a fitness coach with CrossFit was my next adventure in 2011. Now I am certified in CrossFit L1, P90X, Insanity, and CrossFit Olympic weightlifting. I spend my time motivating clients, friends, and family as a life and fitness coach.
I am also a full-time board certified ER doc practicing in 2 facilities in Pennsylvania, husband, and dad of 2 young lovely (and lively) kids. I've utilized my medical and fitness background to answer questions ranging from blood pressure control to effective metabolic training. My goal is to use my Emergency Medicine and CrossFit/Beachbody certified knowledge base to start DocBeast Fitness so I can be your one stop resource. I want to offer the following: 1. Personal medical advice/coaching complementing that provided by your primary care doc/specialist 2. Fitness coaching to help you become the best version of yourself 3. Motivational Speeches for your organization so that you can learn to live your best life 4. 60 day effective DVD fitness programs for your home use 5. Periodical Newsletters on useful, and interesting medical/fitness facts. I want to be America's DOC AND TRAINER!!!
1. I was a Princeton Cheerleader..and also the male captain. 2. I have 6 lumbar bones. Normal is 5. 3. I can do 500 full burpees in 40 min!


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  • at 4:05 pm on 3.31.14
  • at 3:55 pm on 3.31.14
  • at 5:13 pm on 3.30.14
    Much success to you!
  • at 4:11 pm on 3.30.14
  • at 4:10 pm on 3.30.14
    You are amazing! Stay strong and inspiring! #BeastMode baby
  • Denise Garcia Brady at 4:23 pm on 3.29.14
    Love your enthusiasm!!!
  • Michael Harris at 3:44 pm on 3.28.14
    Way to go Doc! See you in Vegas!
  • Tope Tikare at 11:31 pm on 3.19.14
    Go to beast mode, 117!
  • at 9:50 pm on 3.19.14
    Go Doc!
  • at 9:48 pm on 3.19.14
    Doc Beast rocks! I wish he could cheer me on and give me feedback during all my workouts!
  • at 4:59 pm on 3.19.14
    The best.
  • at 1:52 pm on 3.18.14
    Smart and Strong!
  • at 10:55 pm on 3.15.14
  • at 12:46 pm on 3.13.14
    No nonsense, results oriented, and inspiring!!
  • at 10:54 am on 3.13.14
    This is the number one guy!
  • at 5:25 am on 3.13.14
    He's your guy! Super motivational and inspirational!!
  • at 5:07 am on 3.13.14
    We love Dr Will. He will be the best choice because of what he brings to the table the medical knowledge of why one should be fit.
  • at 11:06 pm on 3.12.14
    Good luck!
  • at 10:39 pm on 3.12.14
  • at 11:09 am on 3.12.14
    Good job!
  • at 10:52 am on 3.12.14
    You are PHENOMENAL and you inspire me to be better everyday. All the best to you. Keep blessing the world with your light, love and passion.
  • at 5:29 pm on 3.11.14
    Good luck!
  • at 3:53 pm on 3.10.14
    Good luck!
  • at 3:43 pm on 3.10.14
    Go get 'em Doc!
  • at 1:18 pm on 3.10.14
    DocBeast is just what his name says. He's a beast for fitness and a beast in medicine. He will help stay fit and when you're down and in his care medically he'll guide you to a healthier you. Proud to vote Fit for Dr William Borde Perry DocBEAST Dr Will
  • at 4:29 am on 3.09.14
    I am so proud to have been inclusive on your journey. As your elementary teacher, I have witnessed your growth from an energetic, competitive, smart young man to a caring accomplished adult. Your goals are endless, your compassion is priceless. Keep-up the good work as God continues to Bless you as you continue to do for others.
  • at 11:32 am on 3.08.14
  • at 6:39 pm on 3.06.14
    Good luck!
  • at 1:32 pm on 3.06.14
    Your story is extremely inspirational.
  • at 6:58 pm on 3.04.14
    As a child growing up with you, you were always quite fit but to see your transformation in our adult years has been amazing. You helped me reach my fullest potential in becoming a better version of myself. Congratulations in your journey and continued success.
  • at 4:45 pm on 3.04.14
    Good luck!! your such an inspiration
  • at 2:23 am on 3.04.14
    Good luck!
  • at 10:07 pm on 3.03.14
    Great video and I love the moderations and tips for performing squats correctly.
  • at 2:07 pm on 3.03.14
  • at 1:43 pm on 3.03.14
    Awesome program!



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