Lifestyle of Fitness
By Charles Shepherd Jr.
Rahway, NJ
"It's Not Just A Workout But A Lifestyle"
Charles Shepherd Jr. graduated Montclair High School in 1992, and received a full scholarship to Talladega College in Talladega, Alabama. During his sophomore year, he became assistant student track coach where he gained first-hand training in track and field, and launched a career in fitness and personal training. He later transferred to Clark Atlanta University for more advanced training in the field of Education. In May 1997, Charles graduated Clark Atlanta University with a Bachelor's degree in History Education.

As his ambition in the athletic and fitness arena grew, he became more involved in various areas of athletic and fitness training, and competed in cross-county, indoor, and outdoor track events. As a result of his remarkable achievements, he was chosen to tryout for the 1997 Olympic Championship, and became a certified Fitness Personal Trainer in 1999.

Charles is an accomplished athlete, who has coached at Stephenson High School, Montclair State University, Clifford J. Scott High School and now Westside High School in Newark NJ. In the summer of 1999, Charles organized and managed a successful summer track and field program through the Parks and Recreation Department in Montclair. His team of 20 participated in the Nike Summer Track Festival and brought home an amazing eight gold medals. Charles is a renowned certified Personal Trainer at Bally's Fitness Center in Springfield, NJ. In 2004, Charles branched out and began his personal training in Rahway, New Jersey

In addition to his other remarkable achievements, Charles pursued his passion for teaching and managed achieve an outstanding career despite the daunting circumstances in our inner-city schools. Charles began his teaching career at Stephenson High School, in Stone Mountain Georgia. He taught at Clifford J. Scott High School, Trinity Academy, and currently is a teacher at Westside High School in Newark, New Jersey. He is a tutor and mentor at Seton Hall University's Upward Bound program in South Orange, NJ.
Love watching Rocky movies. Favorite Ice Cream Black Raspberry


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    Still enjoying the workout by Charles!
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    Wonderful Saturday to continue my wonderful workout with Charles!
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    Just starting the workout. So far so good!
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    Each day I do Charles' work out routine. It is a great way to start my day.
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    Still enjoying Charles' workout routine. It is working for me!
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    I believe in his is a lifestyle.
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    At sixty years of age, I was able to follow Charles's without any problems.
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