By Angel Santiago
New York, NY
Everything I do, I do with my MIND.BODY.HEART.
My purpose is to get people to move and fall in love with fitness.

As the US Les Mills BODYCOMBAT Coach I get to work with talented trainers who not only educate, but inspire future instructors to change the lives of people they teach to.

I believe if you find your FIRE, stand by your TRIBE, BE BRAVE to face the challenges ahead, together we can CHANGE THE WORLD.

Be a part of the FITNESS REVOLUTION!
Love to collect sneakers and watches


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  • becky Stephens at 2:48 am on 9.24.14
    Love his Coaching so easy to follow!!!
  • at 6:20 pm on 9.23.14
    Angel's hard work, kindness, humility, drive and all the love and dedication he invest on all of us, makes him such an amazing fitness leader. He leads by inspiration and example.
  • at 9:09 pm on 9.19.14
    Angel has been one of the greatest fitness inspirations I have ever known.
  • Melissa Wright at 1:30 am on 9.18.14
    great leader, great techniques, amazing passion!
  • at 5:29 am on 9.17.14
    An amazing athlete and person all around!!!
  • at 12:12 am on 9.17.14
    Angel is the most fitness focused person I know...and loves to keep everyone else focused too!
  • at 2:34 pm on 9.16.14
    incredible leader and motivator!! does so much to impact so many people's lives in a positive and LASTING way!
  • at 2:08 am on 9.16.14
    Rock on Angel! You are the master!!!
  • at 11:14 pm on 2.28.14
    Inspirational! Talented! Driven!
  • Hope Marie Cueva at 2:15 pm on 2.27.14
    This man is amazing and one day I will do a track 8 with this awesome trainer! Thank you for making us feel we can do anything!!!! Fly high!!!
  • at 11:28 pm on 2.25.14
    Angel is one of the most inspiring people I know. I really didn't enjoy working out before I met Angel.. It was a struggle to find motivation. Angel makes working out not feel like working out. He makes it fun. Its more than fun. Its freaking awesome!! I have gotten to the point where I am addicted to his classes. I am happy to go 5-6 times a week if I can. No doubt, Angel is fit fit fit!!
  • at 6:48 pm on 2.24.14
    Just amazing!
  • at 10:09 pm on 2.21.14
    love his classes
  • at 9:59 pm on 2.19.14
    Soooooo cool : )
  • Melissa Wright at 3:28 am on 2.19.14
    Great trainer! Very dedicated and such a great motivator!
  • at 9:10 pm on 2.16.14
    so fit!!!
  • at 1:47 am on 2.16.14
  • at 1:47 am on 2.16.14
  • at 5:33 pm on 2.13.14
    He is our BC ANGEL!!! Fit, strong and passionate!
  • at 3:10 pm on 2.13.14
    I always loved Angel and I think he is definitely a fit all the way!! He is a very inspirational trainer and he is world class!!
  • at 4:56 am on 2.13.14
  • Maria de la Camara at 2:03 am on 2.12.14
    Ángel Santiago is a great BodyCombat instructor! I love the way he teaches! Go Angel!!
  • at 11:27 pm on 2.11.14
    Kia Ora!
  • at 10:32 pm on 2.11.14
    BODYCOMBAT is one of the best fitness programs on the market right now and is changing lives daily and getting people fit and hooked on fitness. It's only fitting that the Program Coach of the program represents for us instructors as well as gym members!
  • at 7:33 pm on 2.08.14
    BodyCombat changed how I looked at group fitness. I did my training two years ago with Angel as my instructor. His passion for fitness is inspiring!
  • Ann Marie Filippelli at 11:24 pm on 2.07.14
    Angel was my bodycombat trainer he was awesome and also was my Personal trainer for a while. He' is inspiring and motivating and one of the best instructors such an inspiration shows his passion in every class!
  • Melissa Wright at 2:40 am on 2.06.14
    Always inspiring, Angel is working hard to help others become the best they can be! His passion for Les Mills BodyCombat along with other MMA style training is evident and all of his hard work is paying off! Great job Angel!!!
  • at 5:33 pm on 2.05.14
    Angel is an inspiration to countless individuals around the world through his dedication to empowering people through Fitness. He lives and breathes his passion and has inspired me to change my life. I owe my health to him !!! Team Angel all the way
  • at 5:20 pm on 2.05.14
    Angel makes the BEST combat noises : ) A truly inspiring teacher
  • at 4:12 pm on 2.05.14
  • at 3:22 pm on 2.05.14
    He's an amazing person, trainer and coach! Go Angel!!
  • at 2:03 am on 2.05.14
    Angel is an Amazing Les Mills Trainer and Instructor and beyond that is an inspiration for many of us Les Mills Body Combat Instructors !!! Go Angel !!!
  • at 11:54 pm on 2.04.14
    Unbelievable energy and true passion gives us so much inspiration!!!
  • at 7:30 pm on 2.04.14
  • at 7:29 pm on 2.04.14
  • at 2:44 am on 2.04.14
    Kia Ora!
  • Kashama McKenna at 6:43 pm on 2.03.14
    Good luck!!!
  • at 2:25 pm on 2.03.14
    Good Luck, Dude! Change the world!
  • at 1:41 pm on 2.03.14
  • at 1:06 pm on 2.03.14
    simply the best!!! fearless leader and motivator 24-7!!!
  • at 12:59 pm on 2.03.14
    Rocked it!!
  • at 2:15 am on 2.03.14
    My amazing son angel, I am so proud of you, I love you.
  • at 1:22 am on 2.03.14
  • at 7:38 pm on 2.02.14
    Angel is simply the best!! His energy is unsurpassed. He is the reason I go to the gym on Saturdays!
  • at 7:02 pm on 2.02.14
    great energy and awesome instructor
  • at 6:47 pm on 2.02.14
    Best instructor ever!
  • at 5:14 pm on 2.02.14
    People from all over the world come to take Angels class. He is an amazing instructor, mentor, and person. He's got my vote! KIA KAHA!
  • Jose Alcala at 1:46 pm on 2.02.14
    Saludos Angel, muy bien!!!
  • at 12:56 pm on 2.02.14
    I vote for Tribu Les Mills...and Angel Santiago.
  • at 7:15 am on 2.02.14
    Angel my trainer for Body Combat. I learn so much from him. I never going to forget when I tell you in the 2nd day of training I'm going to quit and you say NO. Keep representing where you From Puerto Rico( like me lol) and LesMills Body Combat!! You got my vote!
  • at 3:35 am on 2.02.14
    Angel trained me to teach my first fitness class, Body Combat back in 2008. He is also an amazing mentor for whatever I have needed on my fitness journey, He is an incredible fitness trainer but also continues to lead and mentor his students long after the training has ended through classes, workshops, social media, and passion for what he does. Simply the best way to start your fitness journey, Angel breeds passion for fitness!
  • at 3:11 am on 2.02.14
    What an amazing presenter, trainer, motivator and all around person! His Body Combat class is an experience that will keep you coming back for more! VOTE TEAM ANGEL! I am proud of you A!
  • at 3:01 am on 2.02.14
    Great moves. Very unique. I have been using a total gym for many years. In a short time of what I seen from angel has really change my whole out look on working out. Awesome show. Thanks guys.
  • Justin Thomas Sanchez at 2:53 am on 2.02.14
    You got my vote bro! Awesome job representing BODYCOMBAT and the Angel Santiago #mindbodyheart philosophy.
  • at 2:47 am on 2.02.14
    Just watched episode 2 and Angel Santiago was AWESOME! So full of energy; makes you want to go sign up for Body Combat right away!!!
  • at 2:39 am on 2.02.14
    He is the man The best trainer the I know
  • at 11:14 pm on 2.01.14
    Motivator, excellent! Great instructor.
  • at 11:04 pm on 2.01.14
    A HUGE inspiration, motivator and stellar example of a fitness role model to all. Top notch, one of a kind, the total package!! The epitome of FIT!
  • at 11:04 pm on 2.01.14
    A HUGE inspiration, motivator and stellar example of a fitness role model to all. Top notch, one of a kind, the total package!! The epitome of FIT!
  • Hope Marie Cueva at 10:04 pm on 2.01.14
    Amazing!! That's all
  • at 9:17 pm on 2.01.14
    Awesome and Inspiring! He makes you feel like you can do ANYTHING, period!
  • at 9:16 pm on 2.01.14
    Angel is the best trainer with high energy and a positive attitude. He makes every workout fun while kicking your butt at the same time!
  • at 8:55 pm on 2.01.14
    Awesome, inspiring & clearly passionate about what he loves! Having been able to take Bodycombat from Angel at a Les Mills quarterly event last year, I witnessed his energy resonate & move a room of hundreds of instructors! Truly an awesome motivator! FIT!
  • at 8:53 pm on 2.01.14
    Rock star fighter!!!
  • at 8:21 pm on 2.01.14
    Angel is awesome!! He makes you feel like you can do ANYTHING in Body combat. He's incredibly inspiring!
  • at 5:24 pm on 2.01.14
    Angel is the best trainer ever. He makes you love even the most difficult routines. He is patient, knows his stuff and makes you laugh.
  • at 4:57 pm on 2.01.14
    My Hero and idol! Angel breaks the mold of a trainer/fitness professional and he knows just how to get people excited for fitness!
  • at 1:23 am on 1.26.14
    Angel is a humble,approachable and beautiful man. As an Athlete he inspires, entertains and leads with passion and authenticity. Angel is always willing to extend himself to assist others in reaching their fitness goals. I've seen how he trains from his personal itube videos and am aware of the grueling process that it takes to become a Les Mills DVD Presenter and Head trainer for Combat. I believe that his years of experience, the range of programs that he can teach; Body Combat- Cardio, Body Pump- Weight bearing and Body Flow- Thai Chi,Yoga and Pilates, backed up by he's own crazy training regime, gives him unquestionable FIT status.
  • at 1:08 am on 12.22.13
    Angel is amazing. If you are standing right next to him, in his class or hundreds of miles away his passion and positive attitude are contagious.
  • Linda Fung at 4:27 am on 12.06.13
    It has been about 8 years ago since I first took Body Combat with Angel. After the first class I was hooked with this fitness program. Angel was a big reason why I fell in love with this program. He is definitely a fitness super star. Angel's dedication to delivering the most effective workouts and his creativity is one of a kind. He delivers his workouts with precision on the safety and setup on coaching. He also demonstrates strong techniques on his moves. His classes are always packed!!! The class numbers don't lie. Angel Santiago is definitely FIT and and not a flop!!!
  • Sonny B at 3:10 am on 12.06.13
    Angel is a very technical and inspirational mentor. I have learned so much from him and learned to love the brand we are affiliated with. He is very dynamic and versatile when it comes to fitness trainings. (Jack of all trades in martial arts!) Because of this versatility, i think he can really come up with his own program that is very effective and better than any other programs out there. You have my full support, Bro! Kiah!
  • at 12:18 am on 12.05.13
    Angel is a great instructor and motivates you to do any move he does at your 100%. He is a true inspiration and if we had more instructor like him we would have a fitter planet!!!! He is awesome... makes you want to train like him. Best Best Best Fitness Star
  • Noelle Stevens at 7:12 pm on 12.04.13
    I want a trainer who is strong and healthy. More importantly, I want a trainer who can inspire me to reach a level of training I didn't think possible. Angel has the passion, creativity and charisma to get me there. Angel has what it takes to be your Best Fitness Star.
  • Melissa Wright at 4:01 pm on 12.04.13
    Angel is a great instructor that's full of FIRE! Definitely fit all the way baby!!!
  • at 1:18 pm on 12.04.13
    Shooowah! Show them how it's done Angel! You rock!
  • at 12:39 pm on 12.04.13
    I look forward to Wednessday night every week because I know not only will I get a kick ass work out with Angel but I ALWAYS learn something new. He is an incredible instructor and motivator and his amazing personality comes through in every class. That's when the magic happens!!
  • at 10:01 am on 12.04.13
    I took my first Body Combat from Angel just 4 short years ago... It took me about 4 classes to get it and since then I've been addicted! The classes are so much fun, and Angel brings such a large personality to the class. I will always take his class every day that I can. Not only are the classes fun, but they are fierce and they make me feel stronger than ever. I generally don't love to work out. But I absolutely love Les Mills/Angel Santiago! What a motivator!
  • at 3:41 am on 12.04.13
    I am a dancer at heart but when I take Combat from Angel at quarterly workshops I think I am a ninja warrior!!!!!! His passion is contagious and he wears his heart on his sleeve. He is humble and wants people to fall in love with fitness. Love from Pittsburgh Angel!!!
  • at 2:33 am on 12.04.13
    Angel is the person who took me to the next level in body combat. He has made me the instructor I am today,and it has made me the teacher I am today. I moved from Wisconsin to Florida, and I was hired instantaneously as a bodycombat instructor due to his guidance from the advanced instructor module. He will make anybody push their limits, and he deserves a shot at this program.
  • Jennifer G at 2:26 am on 12.04.13
    I took my first ever Body Combat class with Angel just last month. What a great program and great instructor. I love the intensity he brings to the class!
  • Jackie Weisberger at 2:20 am on 12.04.13
    When you take Angel's Bodycombat class, he gets you to be in the moment, to leave your baggage at the door & just focus on you. It's a natural high & you leave feeling spent, strong & successful! Love the program, and really love what he brings to it!
  • Lynn on the Fly at 2:09 am on 12.04.13
    Angel kicks fitness butt...... FIT FIT FIT
  • Justin Thomas Sanchez at 2:05 am on 12.04.13
    You rock brotha! Keep it real and... :)



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