Enjoymentbody Nutrizion
By Alon Powers
New York, NY
"hard work and dedication expressed through a sculpted vessel". - Enjoyment Body
For those wondering what the "feathered dart thingy" you see society smacking around back and forth. Its called SmackFu and its a Martial Arts inspired mash up sport that is fast becoming the hippest "kickflip" and "hand slap" athletic activity to arrive on the urban hard tops of New York City since the hardball and hacky sack.

With Obesity in America on the rise both in adults and children at an alarming rate. We have invented an optimal way to engage in a physical activity to combat this epidemic. This innovative activity reduces the risk for many diseases, helps control weight and strenghtens muscles, bones and joints.

You can use this brand new "fitness toy" in an outdoor, indoor or Personal Training setting area. The advantage is it’s simplicity; It does not require a lot of space and no extra equipment needed.

Smack Fu targets the principles of C.R.A.Q.S (coordination, reaction, agility, quickness, speed) . Individuals that wear heart rate monitors have experienced in the first 10 minutes a caloric expenditure of an average of 100 - 150 calories! It’s a cardiovascular workout that takes you into all planes of motion. Whether at school, work or in a seated position the mobility benefits are tremendous!

The majority of the times are bodies are mostly in the sagital plane, neglecting all the other planes of motion that our bodies are intended for. Smack Fu takes you into all lateral movements, promoting a positive "functional/ mind to muscle connection" and leaving you with heightened senses and an incurable smile.

So break out of that sedentary lifestyle and play one game with me. Those that already have played will confirm its fun and contagious nature! Any questions please contact me directly below. Enjoy this video

Any questions please contact him directly below.
Coach Alon Powers, NCSF-CPT
Movement/Transformation Specialist
(917)656-5843 or
National certification includes: Strength and Conditioning, Functional Movement Screener, Movement/Transformation Specialist, Post-pre natal, Kettle bells Level1, Youth Conditioning Specialist, Natural Competitive Bodybuilder VIPR, CPR/AED,


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  • at 2:08 am on 4.01.14
    This feathered dart thingy is fun, useful for the whole family to use and a good way to stay in shape. I highly recommend it!
  • at 3:14 pm on 3.23.14
    Innovative, and a fantastic product for the whole family to use. Go Coach Powers..
  • at 2:30 am on 3.20.14
    Love his energy and great fun to play and lose weight!
  • at 1:00 am on 3.20.14
    My uncle, my coach , my inspiration GO COACH POWERS!!!!! :-)
  • at 4:28 am on 3.15.14
  • at 1:13 pm on 3.11.14
    Alon Powers + Smack Fu = SUCCESS!
  • at 6:27 pm on 3.10.14
    unique new fitness product!
  • at 3:07 pm on 3.04.14
  • at 1:53 am on 3.04.14
  • at 7:13 pm on 3.03.14
    Amazing and inspiring
  • at 2:44 am on 3.03.14
    Not only is he working hard to make a difference in health and fitness, he also makes it FUN!!!
  • at 11:24 pm on 3.02.14
    He's so sweet smart and strong!!!
  • at 6:56 am on 1.21.14



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