AM Fitness Groove
By Ajia Maximillian
New York, NY
"Work it in the morning, flaunt it at night!"
Ajia Maximillian is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, IFBB Bikini Pro, trained dancer and overall fitness enthusiast who created AM Fitness Groove to motivate people to make fitness a fun part of their daily routines whether watching her videos at home, following her routines at the gym or on the beach, and or participating in activities she has tried and given her stamp of approval.
She currently teaches Zumba, Pole Dance, Stretch & Tone, and HIIT in Manhattan for Equinox, Battery Park Asphalt Green, Shockra Studio, & Remorca Fitness.
When not teaching, Ajia is training with her bodybuilding competition team, Team Bombshell; chasing the sun across the globe; snowboarding; hanging off monkey bars at Epic Hybrid Training in Midtown; and or reading whatever book Jon Stewart suggests for the week.
Fun Fact: Ajia has a 100 pound dog named Buster who loves to run with her at 6am.


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  • at 3:57 am on 6.30.14
    Ajia is not only great at what she does, but her versatility in her exercises are amazing!! She is truly talented when it comes to working out and the body. He multifaceted approach to fitness is sure to take one to the next level! I especially enjoy her energy and I find her an inspiration!!
  • at 5:10 am on 2.01.14
    This is the kind of trainer who loves sharing her passion of fitness. Looking at her arms and shoulders motivate me to work on my push ups and sit ups! You go Ajia!!



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